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Shooting Games

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Stone The Crows
The crows have been munching away all of the marijuana plants and its your job to shoot them (and the FBI agents) and stop them ruining everyones recreational fun.

Alien Missle Attack
Shoot down the alien missiles

Star Wars
Attack the death star! *Note you actually do fire a laser when you click the mouse, you just dont see it*

You have 60 sec. to destroy all enemy aircraft.

Turkey War
The world has been taken over by wild turkeys and you are one of the remaining men alive who can combat those crazy feathered creatures.

Rogues Gallery
basic shooting game!

Wild Shooter 1
Shoot the bottles.

Particle Blaster
Shoot the Particle. Beat the Game for it to submit!

City Hunt
Start to Hunt Down In Your City

Use the mouse to guide kingler, bounce the clampearl into the ocean!

Camera Killer 2
Shoot the cameras and avoid traffic. Stay out of the emergency lanes, it can be tough to return to the road.

3 Wheeled Death Ride
Drive over guys, shoot them, do whatever it takes...

Bean Hunter
Start to hunt the beans today.

Shoot the balls so their numbers equal the target total.

Pang 2004
Destroy all the bubbles

The GunGan
kill the most annoying person from starwars

Electric Soldier Porygon
The Pokmon Storage System is under attack, and only Porygon can save it!

Zodiac Slots
spin & win

Attackers Three Sixty
Just a shoot'em-up. Defend the planets. Do not allow the ufo's to hit them with their plasma-balls and don't let them collide.

space Hunter
You control the space hunter who shoots out a harpoon to catch the space objects, make sure you only catch proper objects since if you do not you will not get any points.
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