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Shooting Games

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The alien Sil is at it again and you are mankind's last resort.

3 Wheeled Death Ride
Drive over guys, shoot them, do whatever it takes...

Space Ace
Choose Invasion our Arcade!

Trojan Guard
Gain points for hitting a missile. Lose points for hitting a grenadier or getting hit by a missile.

Punching Trainer
hit the targets!!

Fill Up The Boy
Fill up the boy with water.

Starship Shooter
Shoot as many aliens spacepods as possible and watch out for their fire.

Mine Fields 2004
Plot the tanks course avoiding enemies.

R-Shot v4
Shoot the tagets to advance through 3 levels. Final score = Points each round + Ammo remaining each round.

Barcode Bedlam
Shooter games don't have to be brutal and here's an evidence: In this fashion game you have to take shots of the wanted barcodes with your scanner.

Midnight Invaders
Easy rocket game. Bomb the prisons and get the prisoners.

Time To Score 2006
Score as many goals as you can by hitting the moving target.

Cub Shoot 1
Shoot the cub as far as possible.

Aquarium Sprengischen
Drop sticks of dynamite into an aquarium to try and blow up the fish.

shoot enemys before they kill you

Kill Stick Figures
Shoot the stick figures before they throw the bombs.

Donkey Rocket
Bomb donkeys with your helicopter. Dodge the rockets the donkeys fire back.

Blitz World War
Use your missle to destroy buildings

Hollywood Buzz
Use your remote control to zap the celeb's!

Dead Eye - Veteran
Shoot the targets!
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