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Shooting Games

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Ducks Hunting
Shoot as many Ducks as you can.

Space Trap
Space Trap - Very similar to asteroids but very nice

Out Of Halloween
a halloween game where your dodging and shooting pumpkins and collecting portals

Throw snowballs at the moose.

Painkiller Jane - Pain Resister
Launch Painkiller Jane as far as you can while shooting and getting more points as you go

Wasted Sky
shoot your enemy aircrafts

Shoot Balls
Pang Style Game

Shoot the prisoners.

Asteroid Rain
Dodge or shoot the Asteroids and stay alive as long as you can.

The Professionals
A moving target assault course, train yourself just like The Professionals do. Sniper rifle and scope supplied.

Snipe everyone in the windows and move to final battle

Trapshoot 2
Test your shooting skills

Penalty Master
Set up both vertical and horizontal angles and shoot to get your goals in.

shoot the aircrafts

Bank Shooter 2
Take out the bank robbers in this simple shoot em up

Pick your tank and start killing!

Tom & Jerry - Refriger-Raiders
Press space bar to throw water at Jerry & Nibbles, max 5 times miss.

Special Operations
Eliminate the terrorists.

Damn Birds!
Stop the damn birds from s***ing all over you by shooting them!

Shoot The Flies
Shoot as many flies as you can.
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