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Shooting Games

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SHoots and Ladders
Shoots and Ladders - Help Shrek defend the castle

Air Attack 3
pretty different then the other 2 alot harder and more challenges so becareful

Dwarf Cannon
Shoot at rocks.

Kill Little Bastards
Shoot the elves. Mouse to aim and fire, space to reload. Weapon upgrades via the saucers and parachutes.

Sol Bombers
Fly a bomber plane and drop bombs on set targets.

Head Space
Plane Shooting Game

Crazy Battle
Shoot down as many enemies as you can

Quick Killer
Shoot at the targets

Aqua Slug
A side scrolling platform shooter. Metal Slug with a water theme.

Rebound 2 automatic machine Gun
See in the game!.

Hunting With Peter
Your goal is to get as many deer as you can. Move your mouse to direct the aim of your shot. You only have 4 shots per round so be sure to remember to reload. If Chris happens to walk in your way don't shoot him or the game will be over. Happy Hunting!

Western Shooter
Shoot the bottles.

13 Days in Hell
Can you survive for 13 days

War on Terror
Hit your target!
Guide the missle thru the caves

Halflife 2 Total Mayhem
Shootem up game!

Jail Escaper
Find & shoot the jail escaper.

Gopher War
Shoot all the gophers..

Snowball Fight
Thorw some snowballs with Santa

Plasmanaut On Fire
Kinda like plasma 2 probably better

Snow Ball Bash
Try to hit the penguins with as many snowballs as you can, ****Know Bug, the penguins hit counter doesnt work right, but it doesnt effect your final score****
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