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Shooting Games

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Rubberband it
Hit co-workers with rubberbands!

Legends Penalty Shootout
Try to complete all rounds

Bubble Shooter
The goal is to clean the bubbles off the field.

SHoots and Ladders
Shoots and Ladders - Help Shrek defend the castle

Shoot and destroy everything...

Mouse Wars
a fun mouse shooting game!

Bug Hunt
The aim is simple, kill bugs! Load your weapon, gather powerups and health recovery to survive. Fight as long as you can and score high in this bug killing game.

R-Shot v4
Shoot the tagets to advance through 3 levels. Final score = Points each round + Ammo remaining each round.

Fruity Bubble
Shoot the bubbles in the air and match 3 in a row

Bear & Cat
Get 3 or more colours to clear them. Clear them all before they reach you

Missle Defender
Shoot the missles without blowing up the city

Tuer Tuer Tuer
Shoot the stick men

Western Shooter
Shoot the bottles.

Defend Your Inglor
For a long time, there has been fierce debate about the appearance of the legendary Inglor. Now, it has finally been revealed that the 1-ng-l0r is not a panda bear at all - it is, in fact, a highly advanced cyber-being designed to protect and help the life forms of the planet Bbs.

Kill Little Bastards
Shoot the elves. Mouse to aim and fire, space to reload. Weapon upgrades via the saucers and parachutes.

Fruit Twirls
Use your mouse to aim and shoot. Try to eliminate as much fruit as you can.

Hollywood Buzz
Use your remote control to zap the celeb's!

Kamikaze Frogs
Shoot the frogs before they get you..

Kwik Shot
Shoot the amount of targets required.

Power Arrow
Shoot an arrow to hit target on the tree.
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