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Shooting Games

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Alien Scum Slaughter
Kill those aliens, save us!

Kitten Cannon
Launch a defenseless kitten into a field of explosives and peril!

Accuracy is key in scoring high, reveal DEADEYE.

Golden Arrow
Your an archer trying to win a tournament.

Missle Defender
Shoot the missles without blowing up the city

Dirty Rotters
Shot the correct players.

Cannon Commander
Defend Your Castle

Foxhole 13
Shoot down the enemy from your Foxhole, with multiple weapons available.

An asteroids game with vegetables

Mars 3D
Play this amazing game by shooting down the enemy!!

Big Bird Hunting
Shoot the birds with your bow and arrow.

Raiden X
This is a very cool old style arcade game...........

Flexi Combat
Use your Tank to destroy the enemies before they kill you.

Shoot the prisoners.

Disc Dash
Test your mouse accuracy! Can you click it?

Night Raptor Tunnel 2.0
Fly your spaceship through the tunnel and make sure to dodge or shoot your enemies.

Damn Birds!
Stop the damn birds from s***ing all over you by shooting them!

Heli Attack 2
Heli Attack Destroy as many helicopters as you can with an assortment of different weapons. You can also trigger hyperjumps and time distortion.

Cupid Commuter
Cupid Commuter - shoot the dreary commuters and fill them with love.

Crazy Battle
Shoot down as many enemies as you can
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