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Shooting Games

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Sniper Range
Shoot the target - you NEED a steady hand!

Use Nevs Jam Buster to shoot the jam pies. Look out for cool jam bonuses too!

Red Plane
Fire at enemy planes and dodge the fireballs!

Shoot the enemy ships in this intergalactic space game.

Duck Hunter
Shoot as many ducks as you can in 3 mins

Kitten Cannon
Launch a defenseless kitten into a field of explosives and peril!

Plates Shooting
Shoot some plates

Chuck Norris
Fight with ninjas as Chuck Norris and kill all of them through different levels to score maximum points.


Deer Hunt
Kill some deer

Gopher War
Shoot all the gophers..

Cannon Bods
Fire the cannons and hit the parachuting pirates

Shoot the balls so their numbers equal the target total.

Christmas Shooting Gallery
A Christmassy shooting gallery.

Battle Tanks
Shoot the Tanks!

J&B Snowman Punch
Knock down the Snowmen with snowballs before time runs out.

Star Craft Flash
A shooting game

Prison Escape
Stop the prisoners escaping from prison by killing all of them before time runs out and score maximum points.

This is quite a challenge. Shoot everything that moves, pick up power-ups to get more ammo, shield etc. try not to get hit by anything else than powerups.

War On Iraq
Shoot the enemys watch out for bombs
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