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Shooting Games

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space Hunter
You control the space hunter who shoots out a harpoon to catch the space objects, make sure you only catch proper objects since if you do not you will not get any points.

catch those UFO by using your mouse to get your top score .. be hurry before the time over

Penguin Arcade
Stop the penguins escaping by knocking them back into their pool.

Armless Invaders
Stop the armless invaders from invading earth.

Dirt Dragons
Shoot the Dirt Dragons before they eat you.

J&B Snowman Punch
Knock down the Snowmen with snowballs before time runs out.

Arh Tiger
Pilot your ARH Tiger through enemy territory to complete your mission

Bombs Away
Top scrolling seagull poop action has never been so good!

Star Strike
Astroids like clone

Pink Panic
Shoot the balloons and dont let them escape.

Drop Graveyard 2
You are under attack by flying who knows what shoot them!!

Rubberband it
Hit co-workers with rubberbands!

Shoot the bad guys!
dont die! pretty simple

Bow Hunter
The more targets you hit in a minute and a half, the higher your score will be.

Mars Fighter
Shoot em up

Counterstrike: TA
Shoot the reload button for ammo and hit the distant attacker for extra time.

Hunting With Peter
Your goal is to get as many deer as you can. Move your mouse to direct the aim of your shot. You only have 4 shots per round so be sure to remember to reload. If Chris happens to walk in your way don't shoot him or the game will be over. Happy Hunting!

Air Attack 3
pretty different then the other 2 alot harder and more challenges so becareful

Simpsons Shooter
Fun Simpsons shooter game.

Crazy Battle
Shoot down as many enemies as you can
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