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Shooting Games

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Desert Battle
Fly a chopper and shoot missle's

Operation Maus
Shoot down soldiers, throw grenades to destroy tanks and avoid mines and bombers.

Shoot the balls so their numbers equal the target total.

Bank Shooter 2
Take out the bank robbers in this simple shoot em up

Operation Switchover
After the switchover to digital TV there are huge stock-piles pf obselete analogue sets. The Egg-men have decided to help out by shooting them

Beat The Bugs!
Kill as many bugs as you can to get the highest score! Good Luck Solider.

Mine Fields 2004
Plot the tanks course avoiding enemies.

Destroy the asteroids in space.

General Tank
Fireballs are fallen shootem before they hit the ground

Tiny Combat
This game will start off easy but will get very hard!

Special Operations
Eliminate the terrorists.

Star Fly
Can you fly your way thru and beat all the bosses?

Finger Footy
Hit the goal and the Roman warriors to score points.

Drop Graveyard 2
You are under attack by flying who knows what shoot them!!

Ducks Hunting
Shoot as many Ducks as you can.

Aqua Slug
A side scrolling platform shooter. Metal Slug with a water theme.

Bugs are out to eat your precious flowers, thankfully you have a can of spray with which to defend them.

Dead Eye - Veteran
Shoot the targets!

R-Shot Version 3
Hit the target

Tuer Tuer Tuer
Shoot the stick men
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