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Shooting Games

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Ready Aim Fire
As the game says ready aim fire..

Shutter Bugs
a game where you shoot haunted stuff in a haunted mansion

Air Attack One
Shoot down the waves of enemy planes

Stone The Crows
The crows have been munching away all of the marijuana plants and its your job to shoot them (and the FBI agents) and stop them ruining everyones recreational fun.

Alien Scum Slaughter
Kill those aliens, save us!

Fruit Twirls
Use your mouse to aim and shoot. Try to eliminate as much fruit as you can.

A breakout style game.

Rabbit Hunting
Shoot as many Rabbits as you can.

Prison Escape
Stop the prisoners escaping from prison by killing all of them before time runs out and score maximum points.

Blood Shed
Shoot the green people and no one else.

Alien Invasion
Shoot the UFOs before they can land on Earth.

Delta Flash
shoot the weird things

Barry Potter
Harrys evil twin wants his revenge.

Asteroid Rain
Dodge or shoot the Asteroids and stay alive as long as you can.

Voice Game
A unique game in that its controlled by your voice. Other than that its a basic shooter.

Assassination Simulator
Prepare yourself for the defence of your country by using a specially developed assassination simulator.

Clay Kitten Shooting
2 Shots, 2 Kittens. Make them count!

Pigeon Shoot
Pigeon Shoot - Avoid the cats

Space Trap
Space Trap - Very similar to asteroids but very nice

Camera Killer 2
Shoot the cameras and avoid traffic. Stay out of the emergency lanes, it can be tough to return to the road.
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