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Shooting Games

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Follow the Leader
Track down the enemy fighter in your snowspeeder.

Stupid Cupid
Shoot the hearts and stuff with your arrows

Skeet Shoot
Shoot down the skeet's

Tuer Tuer Tuer
Shoot the stick men

Space shooting game

Planetcide Genesis
You're given 4 missions to complete in this 3D flying shooter. Each mission tests different skills - speed, shooting, slalom and navigation. Finish one mission and your scores from the others count as well.

Hollywood Buzz
Use your remote control to zap the celeb's!

Christmas Shooter
shoot all the christmas decorations

Bugs are out to eat your precious flowers, thankfully you have a can of spray with which to defend them.

Paintballing - Assault
A paintballing game

Help Michael Jackson stop the little boys from escaping!

Crystal Island
Collect all the crystals and bounce on your enemies.e

Rat Shooter
A rat shooting game. You have twenty rounds of bullets to shoot as many rats as you can.

Air Fox
A 1941 type scrolling game where you shoot incoming enemy ships.

Bush Royal Rampage
Join the battle as Bushs campaign breaks into chaos in London

Shoot The Mail
You play a mail carrier who has do deliver the mail all over the universe while avoiding perilous dogs, cactuses, aliens, cars, and more!!!

Bean Hunter
Start to hunt the beans today.

Operation Tiger
Escort, scout and fight your way through enemy territory in an armed reconnaissance helicopter, the Tiger.

Attackers Three Sixty
Just a shoot'em-up. Defend the planets. Do not allow the ufo's to hit them with their plasma-balls and don't let them collide.

Fruit Twirls
Use your mouse to aim and shoot. Try to eliminate as much fruit as you can.
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