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Shooting Games

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Quick Draw
Shoot Buster before he shoots you!

Accuracy is key in scoring high, reveal DEADEYE.

Christmas Attack
Shootem up in a Christmas style game!

Star Wars
Attack the death star! *Note you actually do fire a laser when you click the mouse, you just dont see it*

Dead Duck
Shoot the ducks

Combat Heaven
Platform Shoot-em-Up

White Clocks Cannot Jump
Shoot the clock as far as you can.

Endless Zombie Attack-Survival
Defend yourself and your bunker from the zombies in this survival version

Hoops Mania
shoot some hoops

Star Wars 2
Shoot the flying enemys

Ducks Hunting
Shoot as many Ducks as you can.

shoot the appiances!

Defend Your Inglor
For a long time, there has been fierce debate about the appearance of the legendary Inglor. Now, it has finally been revealed that the 1-ng-l0r is not a panda bear at all - it is, in fact, a highly advanced cyber-being designed to protect and help the life forms of the planet Bbs.

Major Madness
A shootem game.

Graveler Gunblast
Have fun in a shooting range!

Foxhole 13
Shoot down the enemy from your Foxhole, with multiple weapons available.

Assault Paintball
A fun and realistic game of shooting paintball!

Lost in space
A space shooter game

Attack Time
Shoot everything in sight..

Missle Command
Stop incoming missles!
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