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Shooting Games

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Zodiac Slots
spin & win

Cosmo Pilot
Build a rocket and fill it with fuel to escape.

Chuck Norris
Fight with ninjas as Chuck Norris and kill all of them through different levels to score maximum points.

Stealth-Wingman EDI
Fly your stealth fighter and destroy the enemy.

Great Gazoo Space Chase
Shoot cookies, collect gems

Moon Patrol
Drive tank jump, and shoot!

Use the mouse to guide kingler, bounce the clampearl into the ocean!

Paintballing - Assault
A paintballing game

A target shooting game

Foxhole 13
Shoot down the enemy from your Foxhole, with multiple weapons available.

Beach Squirter
Use your water pistol and spray the sun bather.

Painkiller Jane - Pain Resister
Launch Painkiller Jane as far as you can while shooting and getting more points as you go

Halflife 2 Total Mayhem
Shootem up game!

Pick your tank and start killing!

Raiden X
This is a very cool old style arcade game...........

Trap Shoot 2
In the ten rounds of shotgun mayhem you can choose to shoot clay pigeons, chickens or beer cans. Happy hunting!

Dirt Dragons
Shoot the Dirt Dragons before they eat you.


Star Flight
Star flight is one of the most addicting plane shoot em up gamee kil some enemys

Alien Hunter
Alien Hunter. Space Invaders with a hot female and aliens.
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