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Shooting Games

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A tank shooting game

Sniper Range
Shoot the target - you NEED a steady hand!

Robot Chicken Killers
Shoot down the Robot Chickens.

Cubicle Warfare
Choose your weapon , stapler , paper clicks or rubber bands and then shoot up the cube

Invaded City
The enemy made a inroad to the city. You were assigned to rescue it.

War On Iraq
Shoot the enemys watch out for bombs

Light Saber
A star wars like game just your killing robots

Raiden 2s Part A
a great plane shooting game shoot the aircrafts and collect power ups

Make some snowballs and whack innocent passers-by in humbug fashion.

Coast Threat
Shoot down the enemy helicopters.

Punching Trainer
hit the targets!!

Pluckys Snowball Bash
Shoot as many penguins as you can

Penguin Arcade
Stop the penguins escaping by knocking them back into their pool.

Delta Fighter
Shoot everything!

Shoot the ships

Beater Practise
No wizard or witch may play a game of Quidditch without practise!

Quake Eggs
Shoot the eggs, Quake style.

Taz Coconut Catch
Help Taz catch the coconuts.

Dead Duck
Shoot the ducks

Control your spaceship with your mouse and destroy waves of enemies.
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