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Shooting Games

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Bubble Shooter
The goal is to clean the bubbles off the field.

Snipe everyone in the windows and move to final battle

JawaShoot is a fun arcade style game with plenty to shoot at too.. Give it a try...

Crazy Castle 2
Your king has trusted you to safeguard his crazy castle from invading forces. Choose from a armory of weapons and ammunition to defend your people and your king!

Clay Pigeon Shooter
You will be given a target hit count to qualify for the next level.

Freekick Football
Shoot and Score!

Your main goal in to STAY ALIVE. Destroy as many enemies as you can with your cannon.

Paintballing - Assault
A paintballing game

shoot enemys before they kill you

Prison Escape
Stop the prisoners escaping from prison by killing all of them before time runs out and score maximum points.

A breakout style game.

Shoot and destroy everything...

Mission Babylon
This mission is top priority. You have to save the men, avoid enemy rockets and missiles.

Asteroid Belt
Dodge the Asteroids!

Star Bash
Dont get killed

Plane Shooting Game

Another non-African Safari
A wild, fast and difficult shooter on the African plains which will test your skills to the max.

Celebrity Hitman Terroist Alert
Like shooting terrorist who come after the USA? or do you like shooting the president you can do it all here

Flash Invaders 2
A shooting similator game

Rockets are launched into the air. Click on the matching coloured detonator when the rocket starts to glow. Keep the bonus wheel spinning by exploding fireworks - if it stops it's game over.
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