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Shooting Games

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Spug Shock
A Adventure of the wizard Koopa

Great stickman shooting game!!

Springfield Snow Fight
Test your aim on some local Springfieldians before you run out of snowballs. Be sure and watch out for Nelson!

The Last Stand
How long can you survive.

A.L.I.A.S 2
The sequel to one of the best shooting games created for flash, Artificial Lifeform Intended for Assassination and Sabotage, the story continues.....

Schnaapi Shooter
Shoot As Many Of The Schnaapi Within The Time Limit

Office Hoops
Office Hoops - Shoot those trash paper balls

Plasma V2
A top down space shooter.

Starship Choppe
Blow away enemies in this top-down spaceship shooter Game has plenty of weapons and enemies.

War on Terror
Hit your target!
Guide the missle thru the caves

Shield Shot 2
Take on the shooting range and try to become a part of the Strike Team

shoot enemys before they kill you

Shoot the ball into the blocks.

Mime Mayhem
Hate Mimes ? Well shoot them from a cannon.

Frogs Plague 2
There is a plague of Frogs, try to kill as many as you can.

Endless Zombie Attack-Survival
Defend yourself and your bunker from the zombies in this survival version

Kill everything in this evil hybrid child of Smash TV and Gauntlet. Lots or weapons and monsters and randomly generated levels that will never be the same twice.

Crazy Shooter
A nice little shooter. Test your skills on these little monsters!

Balloon Shooter
Balloon Shooter

Spy Hunter
See how long you can survive.
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