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Action Games

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TransFormers Energon
TransFormers Universe The Energon Within

Sober Santa
Help santa get plastered

Help the spider reach the end of each level by swinging him on his thread!

Kill Mosquito
Kill mosquitos before they get you

Super Spaceshuttle
Try to avoid the evil balls and catch the diamond!

Tha Viruz v1.1
Guide the smilies and kill the spiders.

Avoid and eat the plants, stay alive and get the high score.

Domino Pressure
Find the one domino that, when pushed, will cause the entire set to topple and squash the tomato. You begin the game with 20 seconds on the timer, which is the time limit you have for finding, and clicking on, the correct domino. If you select the wrong one, you lose one (1) second off the timer for each domino you leave standing. The new timer then carries over to the next stage. If you lose all seconds off the timer, or if you do not click on a domino before the timer runs out, the game is over. You may skip up to three (3) stages in a game simply by clicking on one of the tomatoes in the bottom right of the play field.

Snow Seige
Snow Seige - Snowball Fight

Big Money
The goal of Big Money is to become rich by collecting as many coins and Moneybags as you can. Good luck...

Defend your taco

Collect the cells and Power Ups while avoiding the spikey green cells.

Urban Swat
Swat the flies , avoid the expensive lamps etc.

Michigan Hawk
Collect Threasures

NightTime Driving
Use your mouse to dodge the oncomming cars and trucks.

Feed them all! dont let them run outta food!

Mr Piggy
Avoidance type game like Donkey Kong

Batman 3: The Cobblebot Caper
Another heroic adventure of the black caped crusader they call BATMAN

Bubble Blubb Unlimited
Pop some bubbles!

Extreme Rowing
Reach The Checkpoints To Win...Avoid The Sharks!!!!
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