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Action Games

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I vant your blood.

Dog Game
Unburrie the bones

Trash Attack
Defend yourself from the attacking trash.

Election Snowballing
Snowballing in the houses of Parliment.

Red Cross
Red Cross has always tried to save lives in time of war. despite this there are some people witch dont repect them. Some even attack them.

Nero the Hero
Nero the Hero - Rescue the people from the burning buildings

A very creative fast-paced arcade game.

Beer Dude 2
Grab the beers!

GI Joe Mantis Attack
Guide You Mantis Through Mined Waters And Attack The Incoming Enemy


Laser Jumper
Jump and duck the deadly electrifying lasers whilst collecting the bonus presents.

Teh Ban Bin
Use teh ban stick to keep all the spammers in teh ban bin.

Shuriken Assault
Kill some ninjas

Avoid the stars.

Rib Challenge
Take a RIB powerboat out on the water and see how quickly you can complete 10 missions around Salcombe! ***Set Scoring to Low***

A Day Of Slacking
Get the good items with out running up your stress level [b]Converted By SttGt[/b] :)

Jockey Shots
Landing in the golden saddle is the aim of the game and theres plenty of bonus points for bouncing off hay bales and rosettes while grabbing the sugar cubes and carrots!

Click to strike the knife between the fingers in a consecutive order starting from bottom to top then top to bottom.

Bin Laden Liquors 2
Find Bin Laden and kill him

Uncle Sam
Uncle Sam is up against the alien fleet of UFOs with a rocket launcher to rescue his abducted cows!
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