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Action Games

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Metal Slug S
a battle of the sticks

Play Leopardy!

Defend Your Computer
Defend Your Computer Against Viruses

Beaver Brothers
Help the twin beaver brothers collect all the red bricks to build their dream home!

Happy Hearts
You have 30 seconds to help the Care Bears cheer up as many broken hearts as they can. Catch the hearts as they fall by moving the Care Bear you choose with your mouse. Only the broken hearts will get you points.

Better BBQ challenge
Flip the gourmet items at the perfect cooking point.

Leaky Petes Apartment
Keep the house from filling up

Rib Challenge
Take a RIB powerboat out on the water and see how quickly you can complete 10 missions around Salcombe! ***Set Scoring to Low***

Frog it 2
Use the arrow keys to eat bugs, get to next pond before time out.

Bag a Bug Medium
Help Timon catch bugs in 3 rounds and put them in the basket

Tomato Fun
How did the tomato cross the road?

Collect as many people and burn the village

Egg and Pot
Press left mouse to jump egg and put it in the pot.

Rats & Spears
How far can you throw the spear?

Friends Chase
Run around and bump into other people wearing the same color clothes as you

Snowball Warrior
Hit them before they hit you!

Gift Grab
Earn points by catching presents with the chimney

Dolphin Olympics
Make the dolphin jump and flip.

Ninja Kid
Master the shurikens and beat the Final Boss if you can...

Halloween Horror
Score points by playing with severed heads.
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