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Action Games

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Avoidance Game

Snowball Of Doom
A giant runaway snowball is threatening your safety, run as fast as you can and jump over any obstacles that get in your way!

Gift Grab
Earn points by catching presents with the chimney

Sober Santa 2
Help santa get plastered for a 2nd time

Spray the ants

GI Joe Mantis Attack
Guide You Mantis Through Mined Waters And Attack The Incoming Enemy

Sky Glide
Take to the air in Strawbeery Blasted Sky Glide!

Flash Back
Use the elevators to get to the top level.

A Volcano has erupted and molten lava is heading towards south park! As Stan's Dad, You're in charge of digging trenches to save the town.

Metal Slug S
a battle of the sticks

Homers Beer Run
Help Homer Get Drunk! Catch Keg Of Beer!

Skip Rope
Jump over the jump rope as many times as you can

Carious Weltling
Eat grubs falling from the sky. Kill the bad guys.

Cow Tipping
Tip as many Cow's as Possible

Attack of the Tweety Zombies
What does Sylvester have nightmares about ?

Blooming Gardens
Sortiere die Blumen

Star Base 6
This is test only for this game! enjoy

When customers are getting upset, this can cause a gunfight! So, keep an eye on the fight meter and deliver drinks as quickly as possible.

Ultimate Challenge
Lets hope you have got a good head for heights to reach the top of Hi-Tech Cheetah Towers.

Space Cowboy
Collect the gold and get to the end.
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