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Action Games

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Hamster Flight
Fly little hamsters , fly.

Population Tire
Hit the seagull for an extra x1, to whatever it is now. other objects have effects on the points multiplier too. Wind is also able to change (indicated by the flag)

Adrians Battle Bots
Lets get on the battle field and kick some battle bot ass!

Fish Tales
Little fish eat littler fish and gets bigger style game.

Help warrior get through 20 different levels

Claque Beignet
You are an alien with sensitive hearing. Singers can cause your death. Use your claque beignet machine to slap them to death before their singing kills you.

Curse of Anubis
Help Shaggy and Scooby defeat the Curse of Anubis!

Dancing Duck
Dodge the Pumpkins

Pick up as many presents as possible avoiding the obstacles

Take control of Andy as he and Lou have their special day out around Herby !

Bully Rush
Super, Smashing, Great!

Kirby Star Scramble
Collect stars as they come in waves and watch out for enemies.

Robot Jump
Click on the robot to make him jump and try and pop the balloons.

Red Bull Flugtag Challenge
Build your own craft, then see how far you can fly it.

Missed The Bus
Chicken Little missed the bus , get him to school on time.

Drunk Klunk
Keep getting drunk and drinking alcohol while balancing on your bar stool.

Sleigh Ride
Help Santa Deliver presents to the houses.

Astro Cave
Guide your way thru the castle to the goal

Run Lil Broccoli
Run away from the chief Lil Broccoli.

Flying Gonzo
The amazing flying Gonzo ..
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