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Shooting Games

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Shoot The Mail
You play a mail carrier who has do deliver the mail all over the universe while avoiding perilous dogs, cactuses, aliens, cars, and more!!!

Balloon Hunter
Pop as many Balloons as you can!

Mouse Wars
a fun mouse shooting game!

My Pie Combat
Shoot the enemy!

Bucket Launcher
Time to kick out the bad guys once and for all

Counterstrike - Lite
Shoot the targets in the given time... 4 maps to choose from..

Sleigh Away
An evil elf has stolen Santas Sleigh. Its up to you to shoot it down and catch the presents.

Hate Spiders
Shoot the spiders as they travel down their webs.

Major Madness
A shootem game.

Punching Trainer
hit the targets!!

Golden Shower
How well can you aim?

Pluckys Snowball Bash
Shoot as many penguins as you can

Paint Ball
Shoot the smilie faces! With in the timelimit!

Stupid Space Shooting Race Game
Collect the numbers in sequence.

Snow Ball Bash
Try to hit the penguins with as many snowballs as you can, ****Know Bug, the penguins hit counter doesnt work right, but it doesnt effect your final score****

Under Wars
Under wars is an all out shoot em up under water , stop the evil fish and their Super water monsters!

Beach Squirter
Use your water pistol and spray the sun bather.

Sniper Range
Shoot the target - you NEED a steady hand!

Alien Missle Attack
Shoot down the alien missiles

Use Your Microphone And Voice To Control Your Ship
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