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Shooting Games

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The GunGan
kill the most annoying person from starwars

My Parents are Aliens
They've come back for Brian and Sophie! Morph the house into a spaceship and see them off.

This is quite a challenge. Shoot everything that moves, pick up power-ups to get more ammo, shield etc. try not to get hit by anything else than powerups.

Shoot the ships

Crazy Castle 2
Your king has trusted you to safeguard his crazy castle from invading forces. Choose from a armory of weapons and ammunition to defend your people and your king!

Pluckys Snowball Bash
Shoot as many penguins as you can

Pool Jam
Shoot some pool.

Kwik Shot
Shoot the amount of targets required.

Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory Take Over
Shoot them bitches!!!!

Shutter Bugs
a game where you shoot haunted stuff in a haunted mansion

Magic Balls
Shoot the colorful balls to get your score

Shoot the groups of coloured footballs and knock out the bombs in this Zuma style football game!

Bad Guys II
a target shooting game shoot the bad guys

Destory The Peace
Destory as much as possible.

Terrorist Attack

Destroy the enemy ships.

Full Time Killer
How Fast can you kill everyone?

Star Wars 2
Shoot the flying enemys

New York Defender
Shoot down the planes

Missile Crisis
Prevent Osama from destroying the world peace.
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