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Skill Games

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Mario Capeglide
Same as helicopter... but with Mario!

The Object of the game is to keep the ball from going off the top of the screen

Penguin Paul
Click the icecream before it reaches you!

Drop a Block
Make words

Punt The Ref
Kick the ref as far as you can

Play 3 Differnet to earn your score

If you guest wrong, you loose everythang

Stinky Bean Fling
How far can you fling the stinky bean?

A spooky word game.

Falldown Medium
Get your ball as low as possible.

Word Lab
Guess all ten words by filling in the missing letters.

Bat & Mouse 2
Avoid the bat and other enemies and collect as much cheese as possible!

Move a platform to catch penguins and use them to break ice blocks.

Unicycle Challenge
Move your mouse back and forth to stay on the unicycle and jump to avoid the juggling balls.

Had a few to drink? Well then lets see how good your aim is.

Go Green Go!
Land the UFO accurately on the destination platform in every level after passing through dangerous rocky caves.

Turbocharged Penguins!
Click your penguin in the air... Bounce him as high as you can!

Crypto Clocker
Solve cryptograms while the clock ticks away - earn and spend coins to buy clues.

Reveal the word piece by piece.

Spear Toss
how far can you throw a spear?
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