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Skill Games

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Flight Simulator X
How far can you throw a paper plane ?

Collect all the green blobs.

Angel Falls
Save the falling angels , avoid the devils.

Type the word, Letters, And numbers that Show Up

Wheres the ball? i lost it, please help me find it

Stinky Bean Fling
How far can you fling the stinky bean?

Arachnid Falls
Type in the letters or numbers as they appear on the Arachnids to destroy them! Make sure they don't get your cherries!

Catch flies with chop sticks

Twenty Numbers
Answer the questions by selecting the correct number.

Ball Game
see in the game

Paper Shot 2
Catch the paper and throw in the trashcan

Four Balls
Try to bound the balls as many time you can with the limit of times to earn your points

Falldown Easy
Get your ball as low as possible.

Penguin Paul
Click the icecream before it reaches you!

James the Circus Zebra - Ring of Fire
Fire James through the Ring of Fire using the circus cannon

Rigelian Hot Shots
How far can you guide the fireball?

Mystery Science Torture 3000
The intent of this game is to be slightly less stupid than the Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie.

Crab Ball
How many times can you score?

Penguin Dive
How well can you make the penguin dive ?

Place your ships, then try to destroy the computer's ships before he blows up all of yours.
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