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Puzzle Games

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Fun Fun Animals
Find combinations of three identical symbols, and get them out of there.

Coffee Breaker Matchup
Coffe Break Matchup Game

Zookeeper 2
Zookeeper Puzzle 2

Crazy Pool
Clear the table quickly and with the least number of shots possible. Use any ball but start with the white ball and set the colored balls in motion. When balls of the same color collide with each other, they disappear.

Kitty Maze
Pacman with a Cat and Snowman .. ?

Meal or No Meal
At for the ultimate meal!

help the character from bubble bobble save his gf

Guide the dragonfly around the dandelions and collect health and score spheres

Pop all of the bubble to advance through each level

Some Puzzle
a odd addicting puzzle game where you match blocks!

Enter a not very secret Iraqi laboratory and find six weapons-grade plutonium canisters and head for the exit

Make as many connections as you can to progress to the next level.

Can you get thru all the levels?

Collect floppy discs through the levels to gain access to the main computer.

The Jewel Hunter
Drive around and collect Jewels.

Tiki Island
You are shipwrecked on Tiki Island. Keep the castaways drunk by mixing cocktails with the booze that washes ashore in this puzzle game.

Hit 21 Delux
See The Game

Master Of The Lawn
Eat the worms and butterflies without hitting the flowers, the edge or yourself.

Hexagon like game!

Drop Job
See The Game
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