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Puzzle Games

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Funny Buttons
Touch as many blue and grey buttons as you can.

Add it up
Add the number together.

Black Dragon 2
See The Game

Sanghai Mahjong 1 Hard
See In The Game.

Numbles - Search
Think you're good with numbers? Try this!

Spider Solitare Two Suit

Fruit Fall
Twisty turny match 3 or more of the same fruits style game.

Bunch - Time Trial
A match em game with a twist

Monster Match
A puzzle where you match things

12 Swap - Time
Match as fast as you can

Naive Town
Stack 5 alike blocks to make a building.

Saints and Sinners Bingo
Test your bingo skills against a crew of tricky characters.

Kcly Diamonds
Tetris like puzzle game!

Flip and multiply your pieces to take over the computer.

The aim of this game is to switch the colours of the knights by moving them around

Jurassic Realm
See The Game

Super Santa
Deliver presents down the chimneys.

Slider Puzzle
Move the pieces so that they are in sequence. Try your best to beat the high scores...

A Qix type game

Mad Pac
Mr Mad Pac has set out on a dangerous journey through various challenging levels to rescue Mrs. Mad Pac who was abducted by the evil ghosts. Youve to help our hero to make his way through the different levels and find his wife.
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