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Puzzle Games

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Hit all pegs to complete the level. Some require multiple hits

How good is your parking ?

12 Swap
Switch the smiley faces around to match them up in rows or columns of three or more

Help pitchu get to the top of the watertower

Clear the board of squares.

Virus 3
Virus 3 is a truely intriguing game of strategy and skill

You'll need good reflexes for this game! Rotate the rings to make color combinations before you run out of time.

Drop Job
See The Game

Yeti Bubbles
A Puzzle de Pon style game with a yeti and a penguin !

DBZ BreakOut
BreakOut/Arkanoid style game with a DragonBall Z theme

Take a good look at the pictures at the beginning of each round. Remember them! When they are turned closed find the pairs.

Office Blocks
A Tetris game.

Slingo Matchum
A matching game with a slingo theme.

Cannonball Follies 2
Sam needs some help to make it through the Island maze.

Money Maze
Collect as much money as you can!

Aga Maze
Dont let her drop of the edge!

Flex like a whore, fall wanking to the floor (the trick is you and me).

Wall Ball
The aim of the game is to hit each tile on the end wall.

Space Monopoly
Space Monopoly

A great breakout clone with more levels and more power ups
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