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A hard word game how good are you at guessing word scramblers?

Theres brown shite oozing from your computer keyboard. Quick - hit it with a hammer before it turns into scary monsters and kills you!

Mobs Down
Help Michael Thorpe avenge his brother's death by taking down the mob.

2 Many Bugs
There are 2 many bugs.

Prison Throw
Throw the in-mate as far as you can.

Mad Shark
Not too sure

Skip Rock
How far can you skip rocks?

Bumper Cards
Add cards in each of the four slots until they total 21. Sounds pretty simple right?

Zombie Survival Special Mission
Make your way through hordes of undead zombies, slaughter them all.
Use your score to upgrade your weapons.
A total of 45 Levels are available.
Good Luck!

Ninja - Pirate Cave Raid
Be a Ninja, and kick some good old pirate ass!

Mega 64
Fast paced action game

PinkSlip Panic!
You are the boss of a struggling dot-com who needs to layoff a ton of employees to keep your stock price riding high.

The Vikings are attacking , use traps to foil their plot to take over England.

Jump the Gorge
You`ve got ten levels of bad-ass snowboardin` comin` at ya.

Mega Jump - Ice Version
How far can you fling the frog thing.

Polly Wants...
Help Polly the Kleptomaniac Parrot grab all of his owner's stuff!

A quick-paced search game where you try to find the letters of the alphabet amongst visual distractions

Zelda Invaders
Space invaders with Zelda characters.

Mega Slots Slingo
Mega Slots Slingo Slingo Style!!

Five Acorns
Eddie and Crash perform an incredible balancing act whilst throwing acorns into Scrats basket as fast as possible.
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