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Other Games

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PinkSlip Panic!
You are the boss of a struggling dot-com who needs to layoff a ton of employees to keep your stock price riding high.

Zombiegrinder 60000
Run and blast zombies in a game that is all about speed and twitch reflexes. Heavy metal soundtrack.

Xtreme Cliffdiving
Dive off the cliff and collect coins on the way down

The CCL Game
Get your chosen product across the warehouse into system builds.

Mega Jump - Ice Version
How far can you fling the frog thing.

Four Second Fury
You have four seconds to finish each game. Play 20 different randomly selected games.

Quick Brick Tournament
Click on the blocks in gorups of 3 or more to gain as much points as you can

Rebound 2 Shotun (12 Gauge)
See in the game!.

Moose Blaster
Blast the mooses?

Kill The Mosquitos Before They Suck You Dry

Click For A Ticket
Kick the Rugby Ball and hit the tickets.

James Bunny
See in game.

KungFu Basil
Protect yourself from the attacking JellyBabies.

Hold The Button
How long can you hold the button?


Flash Circle TD
See in game

Kakato Otoshi
This game is utter cobblers ..

A qix style game. Eat the screen.

HolmenKollen Ski Jump
How far can you jump ?

Manic Miner
Miner Willy in his first game.
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