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Other Games

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Chain Letters
Make Words For Points

Monkey KickOff
Kick the ball as far as you can.

Nobuyuki Forces 3
see in game

Corn Pile
YIKES - your corn stock is disappearing and without it you can't make next months rent. The reason the stock is disappearing is pigs and turkeys are eating it. Here's a simple solution - KILL THEM. Blow their little heads off with your rifle and sell their remains at the market to earn money.

Mini Jump Game
Run and jump into the MINI Convertible without hurting yourself too badly

Tenchi Muyo - Sakuya Hunt
Hunt The Sakuya

Spear throwing accuracy was important back in the day.. Try your skills at it today!

Scooby Doo Snack Machine
Start different machine and direct the snacks to Scooby Doo.!.

Planet Gobler
Eat the planets in the correct order.

Musical Lantern
Progress through the castle hallway while avoiding obstacles that cross your path

Xtreme Shell Game - Easy
Xtreme version of the Shell Game.

Central America - Geography game
Match the places on the map

Graham A Go Go
Help Graham dance!

A qix style game. Eat the screen.

EggRun 2 in space
Grab the twig, then get to the ladder in as few jumps as possible.

Kiss Chase
Keep your phone away from the other phone.

Manic Miner
Miner Willy in his first game.

Jungle Eggventure
Collect the eggs.

Tower of Maoi
Help the whatever you want to call them reach the latter..

Ganja Farm
Cut the grass and watch for doped up aliens
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