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Shooting Games

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Against War
stop the bombs from hitting the ground

Kill Stick Figures
Shoot the stick figures before they throw the bombs.

Shoot the enemy Aircrafts

Virtual Driveby 2
Drive trough the hood and shoot windows, cats, mailboxes and people... but watch out for the cops.

Operation Switchover
After the switchover to digital TV there are huge stock-piles pf obselete analogue sets. The Egg-men have decided to help out by shooting them

Flametry Wars
Old school graphics, but great new gameplay. Shoot down the enemy shapes while avoiding their fire

Turret Defence 2
Defend your turret.

Sky Attack
get the things that drop down

Make some snowballs and whack innocent passers-by in humbug fashion.

Bee War
Shoot the bees from the sky

Space Fox
Simple shooter featuring Basil Brush - boom boom

Dead Eye - Veteran
Shoot the targets!

Terrorist Attack

Barcode Bedlam
Shooter games don't have to be brutal and here's an evidence: In this fashion game you have to take shots of the wanted barcodes with your scanner.

Chuck Norris
Fight with ninjas as Chuck Norris and kill all of them through different levels to score maximum points.

Duck Tracker
Duck Tracker - duck hunting game

Christmas Shooter
shoot all the christmas decorations

Follow the Leader
Track down the enemy fighter in your snowspeeder.

Missle Defender
Shoot the missles without blowing up the city

Foxhole 13
Shoot down the enemy from your Foxhole, with multiple weapons available.
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