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Shooting Games

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Hard Target
Hard Targets come hard and fast!

Damn Birds!
Stop the damn birds from s***ing all over you by shooting them!

Kitten Cannon
Launch a defenseless kitten into a field of explosives and peril!

Mars Fighter
Shoot em up

Blitz World War
Use your missle to destroy buildings

UFO Attack
Shoot the ufos

Battle Field
Here there is only one winner. So to be the winner no pity!

Crazy Battle
Shoot down as many enemies as you can

Mime Mayhem
Hate Mimes ? Well shoot them from a cannon.

SlapShot 2K3
Welcome to SlapShot 2K3, the game that tests your shooting accuracy.

Bank Shooter 2
Take out the bank robbers in this simple shoot em up

Destroy the enemy ships.

Castle Defender
Stay alive for 5 minutes, no one must get through to the castle!

Raiden 2s Part B
a great plane shooting game shoot the aircrafts and collect power ups

Schnaapi Shooter
Shoot As Many Of The Schnaapi Within The Time Limit

Painkiller Jane - Pain Resister
Launch Painkiller Jane as far as you can while shooting and getting more points as you go

Defend Your Inglor
For a long time, there has been fierce debate about the appearance of the legendary Inglor. Now, it has finally been revealed that the 1-ng-l0r is not a panda bear at all - it is, in fact, a highly advanced cyber-being designed to protect and help the life forms of the planet Bbs.

Star Wars 2
Shoot the flying enemys

Shoot the oncoming aliens.

Magic Arrow
Protect your territory from harmful enemy balloons by shooting all of them through different challenging levels.
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