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Shooting Games

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Alias 3
Blast everything!!! Watch out for the switches to help you on your way.

Tank 2007
See In The Game.

Try to shoot a pair heart each time to get your points

Last Man Standing
You are the blue color person on the left side and use Controls (up/down) keys for the barrel angle, click Lauch and hold down to get required power than shoot it.

Planet War 2
shoot the warcrafts with your missles on the ground

Trap Shoot 2
In the ten rounds of shotgun mayhem you can choose to shoot clay pigeons, chickens or beer cans. Happy hunting!

Crazy Castle 2
Your king has trusted you to safeguard his crazy castle from invading forces. Choose from a armory of weapons and ammunition to defend your people and your king!

Pixel Blaster
Intense space shooting arcade action.

Shooting Fish
shoot fish

Halflife 2 Total Mayhem
Shootem up game!

Crazy Shooter
A nice little shooter. Test your skills on these little monsters!

Quick Shoot
Score basket in 3 around
Score as many basket as you can!

Shoot the enemy aircrafts

Bear & Cat
Get 3 or more colours to clear them. Clear them all before they reach you

Tuer Tuer Tuer
Shoot the stick men

Bow Hunter
The more targets you hit in a minute and a half, the higher your score will be.

Hunting With Peter
Your goal is to get as many deer as you can. Move your mouse to direct the aim of your shot. You only have 4 shots per round so be sure to remember to reload. If Chris happens to walk in your way don't shoot him or the game will be over. Happy Hunting!

Maus Force Attack
Fly through the skies in your plane, shoot down helicopters and enemy planes with bullets or bombs.

Alien Missle Attack
Shoot down the alien missiles

Attackers Three Sixty
Just a shoot'em-up. Defend the planets. Do not allow the ufo's to hit them with their plasma-balls and don't let them collide.
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