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Shooting Games

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CataPult the Cats (not a game for cat lovers!!)

Mouse Shooting Game

Dead Tree Defender
Shoot the enemy before they break down your defenses and kill you

Raiden X
This is a very cool old style arcade game...........

Sheep Cull
shoot as many sheeps as you can

A simple but fun game

Cutie Quake
Shoot anything that moves, Don't get shot. Headshots score more

Ready Aim Fire
As the game says ready aim fire..

Blow Up: Arcade
You can shoot with the ball that appears at the bottom of the board. Collect 3 or more balls of the same color and they will burst up!

Virtual Driveby 2
Drive trough the hood and shoot windows, cats, mailboxes and people... but watch out for the cops.

Chicken Shootout
How many chickens can you shoot in 45 seconds?

Animal Hunter
Hunt animals to collect more time and power-ups.

Monkey Hunter
Shoot them monkeys back to hell

Mission Babylon
This mission is top priority. You have to save the men, avoid enemy rockets and missiles.

Galaxy Skirmish
A Galaxian type game

Score in Germany
TYou are a lagered-up stein-carrying fan. But can you still impress the frauliens with your shoot-out skills? How far can you get in this revealing game of timing and strike power?

Delta Flash
shoot the weird things

Clay Pigeon Shooter
You will be given a target hit count to qualify for the next level.

Trojan Guard
Gain points for hitting a missile. Lose points for hitting a grenadier or getting hit by a missile.
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