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Classic Games

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Puzzle Bobble
The arcade classic in all its glory...

Play Ball
Idea is based on the Pinball machines - but the gameplay is different.

Mini Pacman
The world`s smallest game of Pacman.

3d Pong

Snake +
The classic game of Snake - with wraparound walls!

Pacman meets QIX

Play back the tones that Simon plays for you. How many can you remember?

Just like pacman

Mac Man
Pac-man clone with a twist

Pacman WHE
Pacman White House Edition

JellyFish ShuffleBoard
Play as Sponge Bob or Sandy in a game of shuffleboard

Classic Arcade Game

Traffic Control 3D
Welcome to Traffic Control 3D! TC3D adds fantastic new depth to the challenge on controlling city traffic. New in TC3D are T-junctions and corners as well as a fantastic new isometric view of the city. The classic feel of traffic control still remains though with a kicking soundtrack and traffic that just keeps on coming!

Hybrid Fighter
Space invaders style game, with power ups!

Drive and Dodge
Version of the classic arcade Dodgem game.

Round Pong
Play Ping-pong with a non-flat racquet.

An Irish twist to Donkey Kong.

Trail For Snail
Help SpongeBob find Gary.

Radial Snake
Help the snake catch some food!

Miniclip Snake
New version of the old classic.
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