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Classic Games

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Pong (Beta)
Still testing. There is a weird glitch, but isn't too bad.. Final score is your score minus computer's score

a nice shooter

A pong style game.

Pepsi Max Pinball
pepsi pinball

Frogger 2004
Mike has made Frogger 2004!

Bomb Bandits
Sorta like snake, but grab the bombs!

Invaders 2002
A old school space invader game but in are time

Air Hockey
A fast-paced rendition of the arcade classic, with four levels of opponent difficulty, ranging from Beginner to Grand Master.

Frat Beer Pong
Who can beat a frat boy at beer pong?

A remake of the classic ZX Spectrum game.

Space Rider
You're on a scooter in space. Classic side-scroller.

Soccer Pong
Flash footy game - based on arcade golden oldie "Pong" but with a circular single player twist.

Splat Man
A pacman style game.

Donkey Kong
Grab The Key to free Donkey Kong

JellyFish ShuffleBoard
Play as Sponge Bob or Sandy in a game of shuffleboard

Snok ALt
A classic twist to snake

Honey Bear
Pacman Style Game Honey Bear

2DPlay Tetris
Classic Tetris by 2DPlay!

Classic Qix game

Radial Snake
Help the snake catch some food!
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