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Racing Games

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Mini Moto
Take part in the mini moto racing challenge and compete against the best riders of the mini moto circuit. Race through different tracks and try to beat all of them to qualify for the next track.

3D Car Driver
A simple 3D Car game.

Tree Top Trouble
Sokka has escaped his captors, and now he's in a race against time to save an entire village.

Time trial racer
Race around the track as fast as you can!

Race through 5 stages and try to become champion.

Worldcycle Survival
Avoid the cars coming both ways and see how long you can survive!

Speed Racer
this is a great game for car lovers, it takes place on the race track and tests your driving skills and reactions when you have to avoid all the objects on the track.

Fly your little ship through the crazy tunnel.

Tatto Artist
Your job is to trace the tatto staying with the lines.

Exactly the same as Carmageddon.

Hummer Rally Championship
Try to win the grand-prix in all countries in order to be number 1 in the international championship.

Canuck Rally Snowmobile
Race the snowmobile around the track

Jungle Patrol
Drive your bombastic car through the jungle and defuse all the bombs before the school bus gets blown up.

Fast n Furious
How fast can you finish the 1/4 mile?

Aygo Driving
Take to the streets in the nippy AYGO, but be careful
It`s an urban jungle out there...

Horsey Racing
Race your nag to the finish line.

Carbon Auto Theft
Steal The Cars Dont Crash.

Pedestrian Killer
run over people

Run Horace, Run!
Avoid the lions and monkeys and keep your distance from the ranger! See how far you can get.

Hovercraft Racing
Race your hovercraft for 10 laps
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