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Racing Games

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Crazy Cars
You have won the lottery, but...

Race through 5 stages and try to become champion.

Crash Test Danny
How far can you launch Danny's Car? What will propel it further, the airbag or the petrol can?

Dare Devil
How far can you jump ?

Jackhammer Rampage
Go on a rampage with your jackhammer by running over small woodland creatures!

Antarctic Guide
Choose your dog and race through the Antarctic, picking up things you need along the way. Watch out for obstacles that may slow you down!

Gone In 60 Seconds
Steal 10 cars to save your brother Kip and get $200,000 in cash

Race around the track and collect coins make it to the finish line

Desert Dash
Race your speeder across the desert collecting points.

Death Chase
See In Game

Tap The Buttons!

K Tire Racing
Race race and race some more.

Race 3 timed laps. Total time is our score. Use arrow keys for movement and Spacebar for handbreak. DON'T take shorcuts.

Shortbus Revenge
Driving a School Bus

Spin Off
Drive the car round the circular track.

Moon Patrol by odd_man_out
Moon Patrol proves that, in the future, real policemen will drive purple and green dune buggies in space.

Help Riley get customers and dig out their driveways for a few bucks so he can go to the show!!!

Mine Car Mayhem
Mine Car Mayhem - guide your car done the track

Mario Kart Extreme!
Run them all over!

Canuck Rally JetSki
Race the JetSki around the track
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