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Sports Games

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QB Challenge
How many yards can you throw?

Ad-Break Toilet Dash
Quickly dash to the toilet while the adverts are on.

Fly your trusty ROFLcopter and battle hordes of LOLLERskaters and LMAOplanes.

3D SuperBall
Bounce the ball to score goals

Panic Room
just play me!

Stroke It Lucky
A golf game

Guest Grandstand
In a few minutes, the soccer game will begin. As an avid fan, youve got a seat in the front row. The seats for special guests are just in front of you but its still a long way to go.

Tricky Duck Volleyball
Gain Tricky Moves by using your volleyball skills and help Daffy beat Stonecold in match.

Head to Head
Head the ball back and forth to the guy at the top for points

Sik Trix BMX
Go crazy on your bmx bike

Tony Hawks Underground 2
Spray the tag areas

Batters Up Addition
Batters Up Addition Game (NO SCORING)

Dune Bashing In Dubai
Drive your ATV / Quad bike thru the sand

Solitaire Golf SLingo
Solitaire Golf SLingo

Kick Off
Score goals... and move up the series...

Premiere FoosBall
Choose now from 20 teams of Premiere League, and play up then a nice table soccer game.

Turkey Bowling 2005
Bowling with a Christmas twist. Yep its Turkey Bowling!

Dirt Bike
In this extreme dirt biking game you've to ride your dirt bike through various challenging obstacle courses and try to complete all of the levels successfully.

Moment Zero
The game displays a dynamic crosshair, positioned with mouse movement, with which to aim. Move the point of intersection onto an enemy to establish target locks. Locks are indicated by semi-circular lines that close in around the enemy being targeted, and the number of locks established is indicated by small gray triangles above the lock. Locks accrue one-by-one until the maximum number of eight (8) per enemy is attained, or until the number of locks required to destroy the enemy have been accumulated. The lock around an enemy turns red when the number of locks required to destroy the enemy have been established.

Pool Jam - 5 Minute Game
Pool Jam is a fun, single-player Pool game. Players have 5 minutes to clear as many balls from the table as possible.
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