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Sports Games

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Ice Mania
Ice Hockey.

Just Not Cricket
Kill all the rodents and save players..

The Pack Air Hockey
See In The Game

Soccer Challenge
Soccer Challenge is a set of 8 mini games based on the theme of soccer (football).
You control a small blue footballer with the mouse and must accomplish 8 challenges against time.
Your global score is the sum of the 8 scores.
The skills required to enter the highscores or even to become the world champion, are ability, strategy, and quickness.

Kicking Kings
Do you think goal kicking looks easy ?
Well here is your chance to put your boot to the test. Take your pick from the best kickers in the world and see how many points you can slot.

Sik Trix BMX
Go crazy on your bmx bike

Stunt Bike Draw
Draw your ramp, rev your engine and go go go! Try to jump over aliens, cars, trucks, buses, fly through burning rings and much more.

City Jumper: NY Bonus Edition
New York Edition with Bonus Levels!!

Moon Skate
see in game.

Alison Crouse
Play 9 holes of golf.

SnowBoard CrossGame
Snowboard down the slopes

Batter Up Amateur
Batter Up Amateur - Batting Game

Fisticuffs Boxing
Fight your way to the Champion List by beating as many opponents as you can.

Panic Room
just play me!

Rapid Shot
Play Online Hockey. Test your skill, you may have what it takes...

Pressure Shot
With so much pressure, you/'re bound to find few hazards over the crouse

Vegra Golf
Crazy Golf

Ice Hockey
Score As many goals as you can!

Lick n Bowl
Christmas bowling game.

Frankie Dettori Donkey Derby
They're under starters orders. And they're off!
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