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Shooting Games

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Starship Choppe
Blow away enemies in this top-down spaceship shooter Game has plenty of weapons and enemies.

Space shooting game

Counterstrike: TA
Shoot the reload button for ammo and hit the distant attacker for extra time.

The Enforcer
Shoot the enemies that pop up from different locations. Don't shoot any hostages and reload quick

Highway Hunter
Drive and Shootem up

Battle Field
Here there is only one winner. So to be the winner no pity!

Rubberband it
Hit co-workers with rubberbands!

Indian Shikar
shoot the animals

Battle Tanks
Shoot the Tanks!

Fire Storm
Put Out Some Fires

Black Simulator
You are at the Black Headquarters and are about to embark on a digitised simulated mission. Test your skill levels to see if you have what it takes to be a Black Operative.

A Stitch in Time - Future
Travel into the future to save the world from Shego!

shoot enemys before they kill you

Destory The Peace
Destory as much as possible.

Use the mouse to guide kingler, bounce the clampearl into the ocean!

Ewoks Annihilation
Kill The Ewoks!

The Professionals
A moving target assault course, train yourself just like The Professionals do. Sniper rifle and scope supplied.

Cupids Crush
Align 3 or more diamonds to earn a huge amount of bonus points

Friends Paintball
This is a stress relief paintball game of the American sitcom Friends. Use your mouse to shoot paint and hit as many friends characters as possible. You have 100 shots. For each hit, you get 10 points. Do your best to gain maximum points and progress before you got no more paint.

Cupids Catapult
Gain enough points to impress your lover.
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