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Shooting Games

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Chicken Attack
The bird flu is rampant.. Destroy the chickens.

To shoot or to be shot
Sometimes in war there is no time to clean guns,there is no time we have to shoot or be shot.

Eddies ShotClock Showdown
Shoot some baskets.

Operation Tiger
Escort, scout and fight your way through enemy territory in an armed reconnaissance helicopter, the Tiger.

a target shooting game!

a adventure game where you shoot bad guys collect keys and other stuff

Dr Strangegutt
Shoot the donuts as they come down at you

Cat Invaders
Keep the Cat Invaders from getting you with hairballs

Star Wars 2
Shoot the flying enemys

Zombie Storm
See the game

Bush Royal Rampage
Join the battle as Bushs campaign breaks into chaos in London

Lance La Hache 2
Throw the hatchets at Jean-Marie Messier getting as close as possible without hitting him.

White Clocks Cannot Jump
Shoot the clock as far as you can.

Beater Practise
No wizard or witch may play a game of Quidditch without practise!

Shoot Rat
shoot the damn pest of a bunch of rats

Shoot the hauting people watch out for the brown men

Jump on the train carts of the same color.

Call of Duty 2
Kill all the enemy soldiers.

Particle Blaster
Shoot the Particle. Beat the Game for it to submit!

Shoot Osama
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