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Action Games

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Speel Goed Land
A weird game with some wanna be smurfs in it


Cursor Grab
Keep the cursor away from the devil and his attempts at trying to grab it.

Monkey Target
Guide the monkey to the target collecting bananas and stars along the way.

Baby Bird
he baby birds have lost their mother, and need to be fed

Bleed The Game
The monsters are here!

Pirates of Dance
Only flying is better! Try and catapult DJ BoBo as high as possible onto the ships mast.

Wack Wrestling Challenge
Create your crazy character and get in the ring and wrestle

Straw Game
You are cooking eggs, and you must throw them to the bears because they are hungry.

Defuse Da Bomb
Destruct the bomb to rescue the people in the hotel.

Bell Boys
collect the bells

Up The Platform
The Mushroom looking guy needs help getting through the platforms can you help him?

Destructo Match
Matching game with a twist

Catch the bubbles with your submarine before your stomach acid makes you vomit.

Roman Rumble
Bounce the squirrel over the flying swords.

Kung Fu Statesman
Pick your hero and then go tackle the world.

Defend Your Keg
Defend the last keg on earth from the drunken bastards.

Primaton & Monkey
Feed the monkey with the falling fruits.

Goal Keeper
Catch the balls coming towards you by pointing in the direction of the ball.

Caterpillar Smash
Bash as many caterpillars as you can in 60 seconds.
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