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Action Games

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Moles Revenge
For years moles have been hammered in whack-a-mole games all over the world. Now they are fighting back.

Star Tree
Drop stars on to the trees

Olympic Discus Throw
Throw the discus as far as you can.

Monkey Mayhem
Oh, that monkey! He's been in the supply hut again. Can you recover the stolen goods?

Save the Goldfish
Save your pet fish from your evil roommate!

Kill Kenny
Go on, kill Kenny!

Link TrainHopping
Jump The Trains

Daves Castle Hunt
Dave must collect the treasures.

Not In Contract
hit and smack the employers

Moo Lander
Aliens are starving. Beam up the cows so they can eat!

Election Snowballing
Snowballing in the houses of Parliment.

Brainy Smurfs Bad Day
Have fun as a Smurf chucking balls through an open mouth on a mural.

Teh Zombie
Kill the stickman!

Round One, you will have 5 chances to earn up to 3 spins per turn.You will take the spins you earn from this round to the BIG BOARD!

Flash Circle Tower Defense
Defender your tower.

Beach Ball Control
Catch all the starfish and head to the surface.

Tomato Bounce
Help the tomatoes escape the dreaded salad!

Round the World
Click on objects with the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to latch onto them with your grappling hooks. The farther you go, the more points you get!

Socialites & Decoits
Fire Them As Far As You Can.

Happy Hearts
You have 30 seconds to help the Care Bears cheer up as many broken hearts as they can. Catch the hearts as they fall by moving the Care Bear you choose with your mouse. Only the broken hearts will get you points.
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