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Action Games

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Haath Ka Kamaal
Play Tug Of War But With A Body

Hit the fan
You have three times to throw a sh*t and get points spotting the objects on the table.

Cannibal Control
Feed the natives to the cannibal to save yourself

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Brawl
Defeat Shredder

Tower 13 - Adventures In Body Saving
Swim out and stop the women from drowning.

UFO Recording
Record UFOs as they fly by to earn cash

Trash Attack 2
Help Gemma clean again.

Deep Freeze
Freeze the bad guys.

Ufo Rescue
in game

Bullet Time
Dodge the bullets

Teddy Goes Swimming
Collect Coins and Treasures

Time for Trouble!
Stop crewman Stormy Waters from installing the wrong cable that could blow up Sealab.

Olympic Discus Throw
Throw the discus as far as you can.

Bug Juice
Get the pulsing dots before the predator gets you.

The Floks
Repeat quickly the flock-guide's movements

Bullet Dodger
Control Vash with your mouse and lead him to the donuts. Watch out for stray bullets though.

Pepper Vs Water 3
You are a hot pepper who's only enemy is water. Adventure to find all the mouths - and set them on fire!

Similar to City Jumper jump the boxes using the space bar and arrow keys!

Barbie Game
I wonder whats trying to hit Barbie?

Zombie Kiss
See In Game
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