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Action Games

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SB Patty Panic
See In Game Instructions


Bullet Time
Dodge the bullets

Presidential Knock-Out
You can play as Kerry and box bush, or as Bush boxing Kerry!

Super Stars
Collect stars while avoiding the comets.

Bug Juice
Get the pulsing dots before the predator gets you.

From Space With Love
Help the friendly alien to abduct soldiers from the battlefield, transform them into pacifists and drop them back!

Kicker Koenig
A keep uppy style game aus Deutch

Tropical Bee Boxing
Tropical Bee Boxing Simulation

Presidential Drag and Drop
Not for Patriots ...

Leaky Petes Apartment
Keep the house from filling up

Jungle Jim
Guide Jim, a little monkey through the jungle and collect fruits, avoiding the baddies and other traps.

Squirrel Escape
Crazy platform game.

Sim Lemonade
Making Lemonade

Help Zed get a completely golden spacesuit.

Bee Boxing
See in game

Speel Goed Land
A weird game with some wanna be smurfs in it

Jumping Bananas
Bombjack style game?

Treaty Thieve
Steal as many candy bags as you can

Monkey Nut
Climb up the tree to twist off the coconuts while avoiding enemys.
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