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Action Games

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Pumpkin Toss
throw the pumpkins and the ghouls and ghosties.

Blooming Gardens
Sortiere die Blumen

Squeeze as many zits in the time allowed

Elevation 2
Try and avoid obstacles such as Elevators, Spinning Ball and Spikes etc and make your way up the levels.

Blob Lander
Help the blob collect the food and make it to his goal

Death Junior
Accurately detonate your c4 laden hamster to kill the evil monster and hurl its decapitated head into the throes of hell. Bonus points for killing addition monsters along the way.

Skid the Squirrel
Collect the acorns, but beware of birds and other hazards.

Robotboy -Tommy Takeaway
Robot Boy Tommy Takeaway

Jungle Kid
Swing from vine to vine, collecting the fruit to score extra points and using the lily pads to bounce.

Warped Tour Massacre
An Online Fighting Game.

just like kick up! but with a twist
dont let the dynamit hit the ground

Runy Bunny Run
Runny Bunny Run !

Angry Old Wizard
The Ring Wraiths want to harass you.

Going Up
Collect the good stars and avoid falling below the damn screen

Snow Storm
There has just been a snow storm!!! Your job is to clear the snow from the parking lots using your snowplow.

Eat fish smaller than yourself watch out for bigger fish!

Tower 13 - Adventures In Body Saving
Swim out and stop the women from drowning.

Alien Land
Alien Land - Guide your craft through the caverns collecting items along the way

Monster Invaders
Prevent the small rabbits from transforming you into a princess!

Tv Game Show
Guy Grinner hosts the TV Game Show where you compete for fabulous prizes and tons of cash. Do you know your TV show trivia...
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