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Action Games

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Blob Farm
Keep the fellas away from infected slime, explosives, heavy weights, bouncing and rolling balls.

Alien Discipline
Smash the green aliens with your hammer

Bag a Bug Medium
Help Timon catch bugs in 3 rounds and put them in the basket

Four Leaf Clover
Find seven four leaf clovers in the field.

Save Santa
Save Santa from the evil blocks.

Population Tire
Hit the seagull for an extra x1, to whatever it is now. other objects have effects on the points multiplier too. Wind is also able to change (indicated by the flag)

Moles Revenge
For years moles have been hammered in whack-a-mole games all over the world. Now they are fighting back.

DragonFable - FireSpawn
Destroy the dragon using your horse and your crossbow

Devil May Fry
Play the guitar by matching the notes to the song

Fusion Frenzy
Wage the war on dust and the evil dust bunnies in this nice clean game. Get all the dust out of each level to open the door and clean up the world.

Train Silkroad
Fill the passing trains up with items they can hold Do it fast or its game over

Text Your Reflexes
Close your eyes and feel the force.

Kill Teletubbies
Use your chainsaw,pistol our sniper rifle

Smurfs Bakery
Catch as much food as you can

Flower Throw
Collect the flowers then throw them at the girl

Bloody Rage
Fight your way though the toury!

Grrr... Game
Collect as many carrots, time bonuses etc... as you can. Make it to the BBQ within the time limit to submit score.

Ninja Mouse
Jump from log to log without hitting trees or falling off

Toytown Tower Defense
See In The Game

Bird Smasher
Sneak up on the birds and kill them
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