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Action Games

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Bring the patients back to life.

Try to catch all shakers by clicking on them. Get the fruits for extrapoints. After clicking the shakers successive for a while the background will change and more characters will appear.

Trash Attack
Defend yourself from the attacking trash.

Naked Melee Armadgeddon
Click as fast as you can and generate your army of men to destroy the evil black soldiers.


Frog it 2
Use the arrow keys to eat bugs, get to next pond before time out.

Lotads Lament
Lotad being the good fellow he is sees the falling Pineco and attempts to rescue them! But Pineco's explosive personality isn't helping Lotad. How long can you continue to save the Pineco?

Jungle Escape
Get to the top of the Jungle, collecting the key on the way.

Santa Bulging Sack
Santa has a big sack. Help him deliver presents

Alien Rescue
There is life on Mars and its needs your help.!

Balloon Hunt
Balloon Hunt! gather up all the balloons into 1 of each colour!

Santa Panic
help the alien catch some presents

Dancing queen
Here is a dancing queen who will dance to your tunes..

Pick up as many presents as possible avoiding the obstacles

Stuffed and Served
Stuffed and served - Match the moves of the other turkey

Big Air Board
Big Air Board Blast - you get three jumps to get the best score

Lilo & Stitch - Pod Squad
Help Lilo and Stitch capture falling pods before they hit the water and hatch!

Pedal Power
Cycle over the food to boost your energy.

Shrek n Slide
Collect as many crowns as possible while jumping over the obstacles.!

The Lord Of The Harpoon
See The game
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