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Action Games

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Dental Damage
Kill the germs, perform root canals and tooth extractions

Running Man
You have 7 seconds to run 60 yards or you lose.

Traps , Sheep And Mines
Get the sheep as far as possible.

Finding Nemo
Help Marlin, Dory and Crush ride the EAC (East Australian Current) all the way to the swirling vortex of terror.

Punk O Matic
Create Music

Run Lil Broccoli
Run away from the chief Lil Broccoli.

Spaghetti Monster
Convert the masses into pastafarians.

Naruto Dodging
Dodge the falling things.

Nero the Hero
Nero the Hero - Rescue the people from the burning buildings

Desert Ambush
Kill all the scary villains and most importantly defeat the evil demon at the end of the game.

Save the Goldfish
Save your pet fish from your evil roommate!

Sharks Hunter
the purpose of this game is to hit as many sharks as you can. The sharks are swimming in a fast way and are difficult to hit. The smaller the shark the more points you score. Be careful from hitting the diver swimming around, if you do he is likely to e

Brain Eater From Mars
Braineater is on a mission can you fight off the humans and the aliens?

A very creative fast-paced arcade game.

Goblin Heart
A medieval quest through dark forests

Put down the cards in consecutive order, up or down, before the computer does.

Spider Attack
Run around and eat the flies but avoid those laser turrets from hitting you.

Gary Cooper Deluxe 21
Gary Cooper Deluxe 21

Spike Boy
Help Spike Boy save the kids

The Egg Catcher
Try To Catch All The Eggs
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