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Action Games

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Can you complete the surgery?

Turkey Hunter
Oh deer, ( yes that is a punn ) , seems that the quest for large breasts has gone astray. Mutant turkeys now threaten the holidays. Can you help Santa ?

Help the spider reach the end of each level by swinging him on his thread!

Collect the ghouls etc

Ditto Dropoff
How many Ditto can you help Spinarak catch? Watch out for Krabby!

SantaDrop normal
You're objective is to help Santa deliver presents to the children of the world. You must select the right colored present that matches the color of the Xmas sock on the ground!

Metal Slug S
a battle of the sticks

Super Bandit Bros
See In Game

Ninja Air Combat
Fight the evil powers! Ninja side scroller action! Requires a fast pc!

Narnia - Rapid Retreat
Get as far away from the wolves as you can.

Dinner Danger
Help Mr.X collect the parcels for dinner.

Rat Tazzer
Zap the vermon with your cattleprod!

Uber Breakout 2
A circular arnakoid style game.

Showdown At Santa,s
See In The Game

Kicker Koenig
A keep uppy style game aus Deutch

Collect the hearts in this Gold Miner style game.

Gay SnowBall Game
Throw the snowballs at the plants BEFORE they grow to full height!

Roof Ruckus
Run and jump across roof tops, farting for an additional boost. Along the way, collect various power-ups and avoid bad power-ups and the evil henchlings...

Day In The Park
Help Coconut catch bones.

Spider Attack
Run around and eat the flies but avoid those laser turrets from hitting you.
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