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Action Games

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Alien Showdown
Destroy all aliens and their nests to go to next level.

Get the roadies to the gig on time! Avoid the perils of bouncers...

Tire Toss
Toss the tires as far as you can.

Balloon Hunt
Balloon Hunt! gather up all the balloons into 1 of each colour!

Moo Lander
Aliens are starving. Beam up the cows so they can eat!

Leap from log to log to cross the river.

Stagedive Dewy
School of Rock..

Spray the ants

UrbanSlug 2
Urbanslug is a tactical scroller

Bums Rush
Collect as much money as you can!

Kung Fu Fighter
Yie Ar Kung Fu Style Game

Egg Scramblers
Keep the Eggs from hitting the henhouse floor

Eat fish smaller than yourself watch out for bigger fish!

Monster Stack
Using mouse left button or space bar you need to drop monster figurines one on one. Creating tower you need to control building accuracy otherwise tower will be destroyed !.

Salad Dodger
Help the fat kid keep fat by avoid the veggies.

Atomic Betty
Defend the universe

Throws snow balls at enemies to turn them into huge snowballs. Once an enemy becomes completely covered, just run up to it and give it a kick and off it goes, knocking out other enemies in its path. Dispense with all the enemies on each level to move on to the next.

Hit the fan
You have three times to throw a sh*t and get points spotting the objects on the table.

Troll Rampage
Humans have killed your wife and 5 children, now it is time to seek revenge.

Toon Shift
Get the right workers into the right box
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