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Action Games

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Tiger Moth
You must hit as many light bulbs as possible before the lizard short curcuits the whole house.

Snowball Run
How Far can you get? without being smashed!

Tomb Digger
Dig and collect the treasure

Tomato Bounce
Help the tomatoes escape the dreaded salad!

Headless Havoc
Chop the heads off the villagers to keep your havoc gauge full

Friday the 24th
in game

Star Base 6
This is test only for this game! enjoy

Help Rudolph get all the presents.

The Stones are live on stage and they need some Sarisfaction!

Happy Heks
Help an old witch find all the ingredients for her magical potion ...

Presidential Knock-Out
You can play as Kerry and box bush, or as Bush boxing Kerry!

Angel Bothorius
Use the LEFT & RIGHT ARROW keys to move the Angel around and press the SPACEBAR to jump..

Jungle Master
Help Jungle man get the fruit

Eminem Mania
Collect all the gold discs to progress to the next level, and avoid the paparazzi!

Your mission is to survive by infecting red blood cells while avoiding white blood cells and antibiotics.

Help Pedro Catch The Flies
Help Pedro Catch The Flies.

Mission R4
Mission R4 - Terrorist training

City Jumper Extreme : London Edition
The most intense City Jumper yet. Set in beautiful London, England.

Iron Maiden - Different World
Guide our hero thru all manner of evil.

Snowplow the streets of Boston!
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