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Action Games

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Egg and Pot
Press left mouse to jump egg and put it in the pot.

Bouncy Supreme
Jelly Blumaroo has bounced his way a bit too far away from home and really wants to get back.

Stick Trampoline
Bounce on the trampolines, gain score and complete each objective, or hit the floor and bleed alot

Red Apple Rampage
Dont Get Shit On!!!

Gold Well
Grab the gold , dont let the monster touch the pipe.

Night of the zombie kittens
fire the dogs at the zombie kittens before they eat you.

Can you make your was thru the entire level?

Get a long trajectory by moving the planets around.

Sneaky Santa
Steal as much as you can.

Punk O Matic
Create Music

Roly Poly
Tilt and roll the hedgehog through 30 exciting rotating levels!.

Clown Killer 2
Move through the streets and kill all the evil clowns

Bombing Run
The government is trying to destroy you by carpet bombing the countryside where you have been hiding out!

Avatar Bending Battle
Err Do Battle

Extreme Rowing
Reach The Checkpoints To Win...Avoid The Sharks!!!!

Sweet Tooth
Climb the platforms to reach the yummy cake.

Money Money Money
Help Piggy collect all the falling coins.

Santa Panic
help the alien catch some presents

Shark Attack
Eat all the fish you can before time runs out. Eat yellow signs for extra time but watch out for the octopus!

Frog Toss
Catch the frogs!!
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