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Koala Lander
Fly your balloon all around Australian cities, collect shrimp and land properly without crashing.

Slashing Pumpkins
For all of you that have ever wanted to kill an innocent Pumpkin... Bwa hahahaha

Space Man 2
Speedy the space man is back and this time he has to rescue some aliens!

Weapon (No Scoring)

The Orc Ring
Take a step into another world as you enter the smoky bar and sit down next to an orc. Soon, the orc challenges you into a game of shuffling cups.

Speedy Santa
Drag santa around the track as fast as possible

Mini Bet On Soldier
Earn money by killing enemy soldiers!

Throw the axe but don't hit the girl...

625 Sandwich Stacker
Help Stitch catch tasty items to build a sandwich.

Snow Throw
Snowball fight

Waffle Boys Jungle Adventure
Professor Burnt Toast has created a machine to destroy all the delicious waffle crisp in the world! Waffle Boy accepts the challenge to try and stop it!

Adventures of Alex
See In The Game.

Inspector Parker
Can you solve the murder?

IQ Jumper
Jump from block to block and find your way to the exit without over-using the blocks.

Worm Attack
Worms Attack

Big Bird Chase
Fly High

Life Buoys
Catch jumping passengers into lifebuoys and make their way to nearest shore.


Super Chick Sisters
Mario Type adventure about Kentucky Fried Chicken

Squid Hunt
Hunting squid from the comfort of your own home .. Watch out for the Diving person
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