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Action Games

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Spike Boy
Help Spike Boy save the kids

Cursor Grab
Keep the cursor away from the devil and his attempts at trying to grab it.

Zorro Tank
Battle Your Way to the end

Kill Tweety
Kill that annoying beast!

Sky Glide
Take to the air in Strawbeery Blasted Sky Glide!

SuperMario Rampage
Mario's sick and tired of stomping on the heads of enemies, so now he's gonna blow them away with a shotgun!!

Links Rupee Madness
Guide link down the river getting rupee's

Dino Thunder Cascade
Match the Dino Rangers with the proper weapons and zords

Claque Beignet
You are an alien with sensitive hearing. Singers can cause your death. Use your claque beignet machine to slap them to death before their singing kills you.

The Turtles
Take out as many enemies as possible before time runs out!

Trash Attack 2
Help Gemma clean again.

Rat Tazzer
Zap the vermon with your cattleprod!

Gun Master 2
Defend yourself against oncoming enemies. This version 2 features new weapons and new enemies!

See The game

Snow Blitz
A good old snowball fight!

See The Game

Lumpy Artist
How many steps can you take without falling?

you must hit all of the dots while avoiding enemies like bees and scissors.

Ufo Rescue
in game

Blob Twist
Match blobs of the correct colour to the pattern on the left...
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