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Action Games

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Cubesteak Slingshot
Cubesteaks Sligshot Adventure - get the bad guys

Whack The Dead
Defend Zoe from the oncomming dead.

Bin Laden Liquors 2
Find Bin Laden and kill him

Way of the stick
Kill all of the other stickmen!

Paperplane Madness 2
Take on the role as a paperplane and cover as much distance as possible.

Snow Day
Keep the snow level up so school stays closed.

Big Air Board
Big Air Board Blast - you get three jumps to get the best score

Devons House
Crank out some knuckle-babies and hit objects in the room with it.

Uncover the Imposter
Find the imposter.

Bird Smasher
Sneak up on the birds and kill them

Vine Swing
Swing on a vine as far as you can out into the ocean. *Decimal places = 3

Emperors Runaway Cart
Brakes have failed ! Collect points.

Click to strike the knife between the fingers in a consecutive order starting from bottom to top then top to bottom.

Du Wichtel
Ride the sleigh down the hill, jump , jump throw the present

SB Patty Panic
See In Game Instructions

Blob Farm
Keep the fellas away from infected slime, explosives, heavy weights, bouncing and rolling balls.

Mario Catcher
Dont let mario hit the ground

Collect the ghouls etc

Kill them all with your knife before the time runs out

From Space With Love
Help the friendly alien to abduct soldiers from the battlefield, transform them into pacifists and drop them back!
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