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Action Games

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Save the victims marooned in the sea.

Look Alive
Use YOUR MOUSE to move Brandon from left to right and press LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to kick a ball. The aim of this game is to hit as much running kids as possible with the ball. Everytime you knock down a kid your energy raises a bit. Try to do combo hits for bigger energy increases.

Frog Toss
Catch the frogs!!

Stage Diver
How much do you rock?

Avoid the cops for as long as you possibly can.

Brain Eater From Mars
Braineater is on a mission can you fight off the humans and the aliens?

Easter Eggs
Come catch come eggs to get earn some points

Bully Rush
Super, Smashing, Great!

The Shell Game
Place a bet, follow the shell containing the ball and guess the right one to win money.

Panic Pro
Catch the falling bombs

Spray the ants

Life Buoys
Catch jumping passengers into lifebuoys and make their way to nearest shore.

Bug Attack
Kill some bugs!

Traffic Control 2
Control the traffic lights to let the cars, trucks and sports cars through the intersections.

Spin to Win
Low tech fruits fun!

Laser Envy
Collct the crystals in this cool 3D platformer.

Worm Attack
Worms Attack

Punk O Matic
Create Music

Traps , Sheep And Mines
Get the sheep as far as possible.

The Lady Bug
Avoid the bugs
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