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Get Tobby to goal


Ninja Kid
Master the shurikens and beat the Final Boss if you can...

Hungry Bob
Feed bob the good food!

Monkey Target
Guide the monkey to the target collecting bananas and stars along the way.

Smack The Rabbit
Kill Rabbit's
kill as many as you can in 1 minute!

Greedy Pinatas
Pinatas have stolen your juicy fruit from your own birthday party! It's time to take back what's yours, so start swatting away!

Santa Panic
help the alien catch some presents

Laser Jumper
Jump and duck the deadly electrifying lasers whilst collecting the bonus presents.

Goki Dash
You are a spider grab the dots and avoid getting eatin by the lizard.

Dropkick The Faint
The punks want revenge! Dropkick those damn guys from the Faint off their stage as hard as you can.

Crazy Monkeys
You are two monkeys trying to hit coconuts in a breakout style game

Soul Master
Collect the lost souls.

When Balls Attack
Your time at the beach is interrupted by annoying balls.

Breakfast Brawl
Demonstrate your disdain for traditional, un-dynamic breakfast foods by beating the crap out of them.

Bionic bugz
Battle your way through the bionic enemy bugz,be the hero of the day.

Busy Burger
Keep the customers happy by serving up exactly what they order.

Bully Rush
Super, Smashing, Great!

Super Mario Power Coins
Help Mario catch coins and mushrooms

Baby Boom
Put the babies to bed before they cry
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