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Action Games

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Robot Jump
Click on the robot to make him jump and try and pop the balloons.

Bake A Cake
Bake a cake

Skeleton Park
Help the skull retrive his bones back!

Sweet Tooth
Climb the platforms to reach the yummy cake.

Monkey Lander
Use your skills as a talented monkey pilot to collect those bananas!

The Lady Bug
Avoid the bugs

Sushi Samurai
Make sushi while avoiding deadly enemies!

Waffle Boys Jungle Adventure
Professor Burnt Toast has created a machine to destroy all the delicious waffle crisp in the world! Waffle Boy accepts the challenge to try and stop it!

Naked Melee Armadgeddon
Click as fast as you can and generate your army of men to destroy the evil black soldiers.

Frog it 2
Use the arrow keys to eat bugs, get to next pond before time out.

The Bounce
Collect the stars

Get all the cheese and kill the bad guys.

Toms Adventure 2
Help Tom rescure his beloved.

Twang Game
Use the MOUSE to drag the faces on the lines and twang the ball to the end of each level. Try not to fall in the sea!

Wash-Basin Ride
Slide down the hide thru the mud piles

Reel Gold

Bring the patients back to life.

Shark Attack
Eat all the fish you can before time runs out. Eat yellow signs for extra time but watch out for the octopus!

Viva Caligula!
terrorize your subjects with all 26 weapons before going to the orgy. It's good to be the king

Space Boy
Some Ugly and slimey aliens have attacked earth. Only one brave kid with a water pistol can stop them - thats you!!!
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