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Action Games

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The Wire
You have 30 seconds to knock off as many birds off as possible.

Grab It
Grab the gold and gemstones

Bag a Bug Medium
Help Timon catch bugs in 3 rounds and put them in the basket

Its the AquaPigs

Boris The Bandit
Point your weapon and fire. Don't get trigger happy - your bullets are being counted. The game ends when you run out of time.

Bubble Run 2
Float your bubble through the oncoming masses. See how long you can survive.

Kill Kenny
Go on, kill Kenny!

alot like asteroids just you got a worm shooitng fish

Rock, Paper Sicssors Game

The Mutator
Dodge the radioactive isotope and prevent the character from mutating.

Cow Tipping
Tip as many Cow's as Possible

Spider Attack
Run around and eat the flies but avoid those laser turrets from hitting you.

Clown Killer 2
Move through the streets and kill all the evil clowns

Sky Wire
Control a cable car and safely deliver your people at their destination!

Pepper Vs Water 3
You are a hot pepper who's only enemy is water. Adventure to find all the mouths - and set them on fire!

Adventures of Alex
See In The Game.

Snow Throw
Snowball fight

Go tubin on the lake!

Metal Slug S
a battle of the sticks

Mouse Throwing
See The Game
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