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Action Games

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Winning Streak
Be free of your clothes !!

High security and dozens of guard dogs come between a cat burgler and his fortune.

Panic Pro
Catch the falling bombs

Bubblegum Run
Blow Bubblegum Bubbles to collect all the tokens.

Monkey Lander
Use your skills as a talented monkey pilot to collect those bananas!

You can and get up after being tackled until your beer-o-meter is empty.
See how many touchdowns you can score by entering the flashing end zone!

Shadow The Hedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog , only darker.

Hau den Dax
Let the power sky rocket hit it and see what your rating is on the graph.

Chase the money ! Your are a single euro trying to survive against older green money Once you start moving you cant stop!

Time for Trouble!
Stop crewman Stormy Waters from installing the wrong cable that could blow up Sealab.

Bag a Bug Medium
Help Timon catch bugs in 3 rounds and put them in the basket

Press Your Luck
Just like TV Press Your Luck

Attack of the Tweety Zombies
What does Sylvester have nightmares about ?

Help Spheracles control the falling marble spheres, get 3 in a row for bonus points and look out for the Power Spheres to boost your score.

Shut the Box
Try and allocate dice totals across a number of boxes.

Spank The Duck
Spank The Duck.

Red Apple Rampage
Dont Get Shit On!!!

Fish Money
A Gold Miner style game. Grab money.

Pedal Power
Cycle over the food to boost your energy.

Gold Diggers
Exploit all the treasure in the mines, populated with harmful monsters!
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