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Action Games

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Gary Cooper Deluxe 21
Gary Cooper Deluxe 21

Fire Fighter
You are firefighter, use your ladder and your hose to put out the fires!

Snow Throw
Snowball fight

Moles Revenge
For years moles have been hammered in whack-a-mole games all over the world. Now they are fighting back.

Warrior King
Be Tony Jaa! Test your skills in the ultimate Muay Thai beat 'em up.

Roof Ruckus
Run and jump across roof tops, farting for an additional boost. Along the way, collect various power-ups and avoid bad power-ups and the evil henchlings...

Naruto - Kunai Escape
Fun Knife Dodgeing Game

Dig to the depths of Mars. Precious minerals is the ultimate prize.. How much can you collect?

Chicken Little Bus
See The Game

Maple Story
Complete All 3 Levels

Goal Keeper
Catch the balls coming towards you by pointing in the direction of the ball.

Venture Kid
Lie down or jump to avoid the rolling rocks, arrows and bats.

Pick up as many presents as possible avoiding the obstacles

Going Up
Collect the good stars and avoid falling below the damn screen

Leap from log to log to cross the river.

Drunk Klunk
Keep getting drunk and drinking alcohol while balancing on your bar stool.

Sheep Jumper
Jump over sheep to earn points.

Traffic Control 2
Control the traffic lights to let the cars, trucks and sports cars through the intersections.

Weapons Dealer
A merchant fleet carrying illegal weapons was found at the sea. These weapons will supply Terrorist groups. Your mission is to destroy it. GOOD LUCK!!!

Big Money
The goal of Big Money is to become rich by collecting as many coins and Moneybags as you can. Good luck...
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