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Skill Games

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Bumper Cars Championship
Simple Bumper Cars Championship

Hold the little button for as long as possible.

Finger Frenzy
How fast can you type the alphabet???

A spooky word game.

Punt The Ref
Kick the ref as far as you can

Turkey Fling
Fling the turkey as far as you can

Car Flip
Flip the car and try to get it to go as far as possible

Crypto Clocker
Solve cryptograms while the clock ticks away - earn and spend coins to buy clues.

Falldown Hard
Get your ball as low as possible. This is the hardest version of this game.

Dodging Circles
Hover over the green circle to gain points,

Dodge the fruit to score points

Keep the spiked hair guy from falling.

Flight Simulator X
How far can you throw a paper plane ?

How long can you play?

Power Ball Challenge
Bring your Powerball up to 15,000rpm or even more by keeping your mouse pointer on the lights

Candy Toss
Toss candy from the rooftop to the kids below.

Blaze Ball
Move your mouse to move the paddle and keep the Blaze Ball up. Hit the ball on the walls for points and collect powerups for the extra dash

Catch up on everything using arrow keys and space to deliver!

A game of survival

Stay on the bull as long as possible (isnt as easy as it looks).
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