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Skill Games

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Broken Words
Assemble English words from the "word chunks" given to you.

Keep the drunk man upright as long as you can

Dodge the fruit to score points

Zizzo Challenge
Zizzo Challenge Zizzo has some mini game challenges, can you beat them ?

A word game.

Letter Doolhof
Try with help of the leaves to get the words complete. But watch out that the bunnies dont get you!

Apple Season
Catch as many apples as you can in the basket.

Mind Me Bloody Beer
Johnny Vegas has had one too many. Can you help him hold his pint. Don't let him spill it!

Falldown Hard
Get your ball as low as possible. This is the hardest version of this game.

You remember this game at theme parks, don`t you? Pass the ring over the wire without touching the sides and letting the buzzer go off. There are three wires to complete.

Tower Blaster
Build your tower vefore the vikings do!

Stay on the bull as long as possible (isnt as easy as it looks).

247 Bombs
See The Game

Polar Jump
Jump from one ice block too the other to try get home.

Steinzeit Squash
Hit the stone as far as you can

Eskiv 2
a harder version of this skilled brain game

Juice Squeezer
Squeeze as much juice out of the orange as you can within 30 seconds.

Penguin Panic
Freeze the panicing penguins

Keep the spiked hair guy from falling.

Hold the little button for as long as possible.
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