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Skill Games

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Tic Toe
A tic toe game in which u play against computer. quite difficult to win over comp.

The Daring Dozen
The dangerous daring mission of twelve eggs to boldly go where no eggs have gone before

Crash Test Dummy Curling
Crash the dummy and make high fly to the goal!

Penguin Flight
Land the penguin on the iceberg.

Apple Hunt
Collect all the apples

247 Bombs
See The Game

Dodge the two circles for as long as possible.

EggRun 2 on grass
Grab the twig, then get to the ladder in as few jumps as possible.

Stinky Bean Fling
How far can you fling the stinky bean?

Penguin Fly
How far can you fly the penguin?

Broken Words
Assemble English words from the "word chunks" given to you.

Falldown 3
same as the other 2 just move the ball down without getting caught

Angry FAIC
Bounce and hit the smilies to get combos. Change your color to match the smilie you are going to hit

Move a platform to catch penguins and use them to break ice blocks.

Export Extreme
Drag the black square around and avoid the red shapes and edges.

Polar Jump
Jump from one ice block too the other to try get home.

Had a few to drink? Well then lets see how good your aim is.

USA - Geography game
Match the states on the map

James the Circus Zebra - Ball of Doom
Keep James balancing on top of the Ball of Doom for as long as you can

Falldown Easy
Get your ball as low as possible.
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