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Skill Games

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The Collector
Catch butterflies with your bubble wand

Penguin Pass
Help the penguin across the water.

Help the mother fish feed her young by steering her with your mouse in a way that will lead the little fish to the tasty worms.

Drag Files
Drag as many files as you can into the folder in the given time limit.

Wheel 2 Spin
A Wheel of Fortune style game.

Dodge the red balls at all costs :)!

Super Clicker v2.0
You have 10 seconds to prove that you are a SUPER CLICKER!

Gift Shift
Gift Shift - Sort the required number of presents each shift

Casse Brique
omg another breakout clone!

Paper Throw
throw paper in trashcan
watch the fan speed!

Spank The Monkey
Spank the monkey

There is a mind reader in the group.

Squash as many flies as you can to advance levels.

Super Hacky Sack
Keep the ball in the air as long as possible, while collecting power ups and special items.

Go Green Go!
Land the UFO accurately on the destination platform in every level after passing through dangerous rocky caves.

Deal or No Deal
No trivia, no stunts. Just one question: Deal or No Deal?

Collect all the green blobs.

The Solar Games
Travel the solar system, compete in different sporting events and collect points which are tallied up at the end.

Falldown 3
same as the other 2 just move the ball down without getting caught

Connect the required amount of pipes to complete each level.
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