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Skill Games

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Power Ball Challenge
Bring your Powerball up to 15,000rpm or even more by keeping your mouse pointer on the lights

Ball A Track
Keep the ball on the track.

Eskiv 2
a harder version of this skilled brain game

Play 3 Differnet to earn your score

Super Clicker v2.0
You have 10 seconds to prove that you are a SUPER CLICKER!

Congestion Chaos
Make all deliveries as you can while avoiding attention from the cameras and crashes!

Reveal the word piece by piece.

Slingshot Santa
Sling him!

Catch flies with chop sticks

Balancing Bubbless
How long can you balance Bubbless the clown?

Tilt 2
Keep the thing balanced.

Frosty Freakout
Make sundaes that appear on the screen to earn points.

Had a few to drink? Well then lets see how good your aim is.

A game to test your typing skills... and your brain.

Wacky Word Wiz
Click the blocks to form words and answer quiz questions to move to the next level.

Scart Jump (Level2)
Get Scart as far as you can.

Starry Night
Bounce stars on the bubble to score points.

Tic Toe
A tic toe game in which u play against computer. quite difficult to win over comp.

Dodge the red balls at all costs :)!

The Solar Games
Travel the solar system, compete in different sporting events and collect points which are tallied up at the end.
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