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Skill Games

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Wheel 2 Spin
A Wheel of Fortune style game.

Crab Ball
How many times can you score?

How long can you play?

Pizza Delivery Chuck-And-Catch
Get the hot pizza to your ravenous girlfriend the most direct way possible - chuck it!

Slingshot Santa
Sling him!

Bumper Cars Championship
Simple Bumper Cars Championship

Go Green Go!
Land the UFO accurately on the destination platform in every level after passing through dangerous rocky caves.

Chicken and Eggs
Catch the falling eggs.

Word Up
Sort of like Bookworm - Play four rounds

Broken Words
Assemble English words from the "word chunks" given to you.

You remember this game at theme parks, don`t you? Pass the ring over the wire without touching the sides and letting the buzzer go off. There are three wires to complete.

Fire Bad
Put the fire out on James

Monster Hatch
pop all 25 eggs with time frame!

Punt The Ref
Kick the ref as far as you can

Zizzo Challenge
Zizzo Challenge Zizzo has some mini game challenges, can you beat them ?

Keep the drunk man upright as long as you can

Type the word, Letters, And numbers that Show Up

FogHorn Thanks
FogHorn LegHorn is the the target of Mis Prissy, help him get rid of all the gifts

Keep the rhythm to chart topping tracks and rock the party

Drop a Block
Make words
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