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Skill Games

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Blaze Ball
Move your mouse to move the paddle and keep the Blaze Ball up. Hit the ball on the walls for points and collect powerups for the extra dash

Penguin Flight
Land the penguin on the iceberg.

Aviator Imp
Get the imp as far as you can.

Odd One Out
Odd One Out - Try to find the different bear

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
Can you win Million?

Five Errors
Find five differences in the pictures.

A new style of hang man

Mario Capeglide
Same as helicopter... but with Mario!

Double Wires
Swing as far as you can using your spider-like powers.

Elroy Learns To Fly
Help Santa teach Elroy how to fly...never mind teaching, just make him fly...

Pass through all highlighted boxes with line-moves. You can't pass through the same box two or more times.

Wack N Egg
How Many Eggs Can u Smash in the Time Limit

Hover Ball
Bounce the ball for as long as possible without it touching the moving platforms

Launch the turtle into the air and use the little dog keep it flying for as long as possible.

Burn Santa Burn
Santa dropped his eyeball down the chimney. Your task is to prevent it burning with the fire

Amazing Dare Dozen
Get the Egg as high as you can.

EggRun 2 on grass
Grab the twig, then get to the ladder in as few jumps as possible.

Move a platform to catch penguins and use them to break ice blocks.

Twenty Numbers
Answer the questions by selecting the correct number.

Map Test
Test your skills and see if you can past 3rd grade!
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