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Skill Games

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Press Y if the highlighted number is prime, N if not.

Ghost Typing
Type the word, Letters, And numbers that Show Up

Tilt 2
Keep the thing balanced.

Subtraction Action
Click on the squares to subtract the numbers so that they equal the value under the word number

Kick Santa
Rudolph is pissed. See how far you can kick Mr. Claus

A Ski
Glide down without running onto the edges!

A new style of hang man

George Wants Beer
George has had one too many to drink, help him stumble his way home.

Australia - Geography game
Match the places on the map

Keep the pointer balanced for as long as you can.

Paper Shot 2
Catch the paper and throw in the trashcan

Type the word, Letters, And numbers that Show Up

Tower Blaster
Build your tower vefore the vikings do!

Help the mother fish feed her young by steering her with your mouse in a way that will lead the little fish to the tasty worms.

Polar Jump
Jump from one ice block too the other to try get home.

Move a platform to catch penguins and use them to break ice blocks.

Pumpkin Smash
Throw the pumpkin as far as you can.

Type or click on letters to spell as many words as possible.

Drop a Block
Make words

Spank The Monkey
Spank the monkey
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