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Skill Games

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Guess 5
Like the TV show LINGO

O My Head
You have 2 minutes and 30 seconds to shave four peoples heads.

Broken Words
Assemble English words from the "word chunks" given to you.

Music Ping - Eiffel Blue Remix
Hopefully you'll be able to FEEL THE BEAT by the end of it.

Alien Bounce
Bounce the Alien

A reaction game

Win A Million
Try to win $1 million by answering all 15 questions correctly.

Pizza Delivery Chuck-And-Catch
Get the hot pizza to your ravenous girlfriend the most direct way possible - chuck it!

Tobby Ice
Use your ARROW keys to move. The UP arrow key will allow you to jump on the moving glaciers. Have fun!

Long Jump
How far can you jump?

Pingu Sports!
The plucky little penguins are trapped under the ice - you`ll need timing, accuracy and keyboard skill to free them!

Balancing Bubbless
How long can you balance Bubbless the clown?

Super Sixes
Score runs and try to stay at the crease for as long as possible.

Catch all the apples as fast as you can.

Move a platform to catch penguins and use them to break ice blocks.

Flip the beer mat and catch it.

Flash Out
Breakout clone

Press Y if the highlighted number is prime, N if not.

Daffy Jumper
Help Daffy Duck make a good landing on the platform, watch the pants to check for wind.

The Collector
Catch butterflies with your bubble wand
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