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Skill Games

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Tilt 2
Keep the thing balanced.

Help the mother fish feed her young by steering her with your mouse in a way that will lead the little fish to the tasty worms.

A word game.

Yeti Sports 8- Jungle Swing
Try to reach the top of the trees

Penguin 5- Ocean
Avoid the bricks

Save the helpless stickmen!

Crazy Balls
Help Teddy destroy his enemies before they destroy him.

Odd One Out
Odd One Out - Try to find the different bear

Launch the turtle into the air and use the little dog keep it flying for as long as possible.

Daffy is counting on you to help him land

Balancing Bubbless
How long can you balance Bubbless the clown?

Use the arrow keys to expand and contract the spinning stick, try and collect the blocks with the black end of the centrifuge. Avoid the red bombs otherwise it's game over!

Music Ping - Polar 240
Hopefully you'll be able to FEEL THE BEAT by the end of it.

Ahiru Survival
Simple game... Just click the ducks that run around.

Keep the spiked hair guy from falling.

Click Santa
Keep Santa in the air, and shake those presents out of his sack.

BMW Driving
Guide the tricked-out BMW

Monkey Cliff Diving
Help the monkeys dive safely into the water.

Penguin Paul
Click the icecream before it reaches you!

Anti Shanti
Keep the balls in the air by juggling them.
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