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Skill Games

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Cursor Man
Try to keep your mouse cursor safe for as long as possible!

Elroy Learns To Fly
Help Santa teach Elroy how to fly...never mind teaching, just make him fly...

Wordix 2
Wordix 2

Zizzo Challenge
Zizzo Challenge Zizzo has some mini game challenges, can you beat them ?

You remember this game at theme parks, don`t you? Pass the ring over the wire without touching the sides and letting the buzzer go off. There are three wires to complete.

EggRun 2 on grass
Grab the twig, then get to the ladder in as few jumps as possible.

Europe - Geography game
Match the places on the map

Yeti Sports 1- Long Shot Version
Yeti Pingu Hit Porphues another yeti clone converted by JeremyStCyr

Super Clicker v2.0
You have 10 seconds to prove that you are a SUPER CLICKER!

Office Love
Press the mouse button to kiss. Watch out for the boss.

Hover Ball
Bounce the ball for as long as possible without it touching the moving platforms

Carrot Sweeper
Bugs just loves carrots. But Elma is on to him.

Fling The Cow
Fling the cow at the target.

A spooky word game.

Drum Lessons
Just like simon, but with drums!

X Attack
oh weee its a space invaders clone!

Casse Brique
omg another breakout clone!

Dodge the Tangerine!

Unicycle Challenge
Move your mouse back and forth to stay on the unicycle and jump to avoid the juggling balls.

Music Ping - Polar 240
Hopefully you'll be able to FEEL THE BEAT by the end of it.
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