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Skill Games

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Zizzo Challenge
Zizzo Challenge Zizzo has some mini game challenges, can you beat them ?

Touch Typing
Move through the levels with longer words which you have to type against the clock. Learn to anticapate the final word in order to score big!

Mind Me Bloody Beer
Johnny Vegas has had one too many. Can you help him hold his pint. Don't let him spill it!

Castle of Cards
Use strategy and the luck of the draw to build a Castle of Cards!

Hover Ball
Bounce the ball for as long as possible without it touching the moving platforms

Crab Ball
How many times can you score?

If you guest wrong, you loose everythang

Candy Toss
Toss candy from the rooftop to the kids below.

Help the mother fish feed her young by steering her with your mouse in a way that will lead the little fish to the tasty worms.

Type or click on letters to spell as many words as possible.

Dr Yeckyl and Mr Ride
Move your way around with the jetpacks completing tasks.

Virtual Trapped In A Well
How many hours can you last?

Finger Frenzy
How fast can you type the alphabet???

Grab the electronics before they fall off the conveyor belt!

Fling The Cow
Fling the cow at the target.

Boat Blow
Guide the boat down the stream.

HO Slappin
Slap dat HO as hard as you can.

Crypto Clocker
Solve cryptograms while the clock ticks away - earn and spend coins to buy clues.

Word Eight
A word game

Flash Out
Breakout clone
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