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Puzzle Games

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Guide the dragonfly around the dandelions and collect health and score spheres

Money Maze
Collect as much money as you can!

Looney Tunes Mahjong
Tiles Tiles Tiles ..

Jungle Crash
Make a group of 3 or more similar colored tiles disappear before they reach the top.

a connect four likish puzzle game

Angel Bobble
Pull the colored balls down from one area and throw them back up to another and make them disappear.

Magic Stone
See In The Game.

Numbles - Search
Think you're good with numbers? Try this!

Gorillaz Tiles
Tiles are laid out randomly on a grid. They are stacked 2 high. Your aim is to clear the screen.

Rumble Ball
Score as many points as you can by hitting coloured items on the play field with a large ball. The ball will roll over small yellow items and bounce off coloured cubes.

Cannonball Follies 3 - Cold Front
Sam needs some help to make it through the Island maze.

Parking Zone
A puzzle game.

Endless Way
go lower stlll !

Anthrax Jelly
Connect the letters to make a word then hit check word.

Drop Bloxs
a tetris and collapse mixed puzzle game

Colinks :Drop
Colinks - Drop Mode - Drop The shapes and get them to match

Add Like Mad
How well do you know your math?

Fruity Shuffler
Overdose on Vitamin C the fun way. Collect matching fruits, before your hopper overflows.

Jumping Troll
Help the troll to bounce on the mushroom, collect all the fruits and light up the rings while avoiding the baddies...

AOK Find Footy
Find the footy in the grid, you only have 25 moves per round.
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