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Puzzle Games

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Mangerial Matchup
Maniac Managerial Matchup

Mahjongg Toy Chest
Play this cute, animated version of the popular tile game, Mahjongg!

A stickman adventure/puzzle game.

Gorillaz Tiles
Tiles are laid out randomly on a grid. They are stacked 2 high. Your aim is to clear the screen.

Just another type of tetris

Nile Tiles
A mahjong style game with an Egyptian theme.

Rock On. Move the little wotsit around the screen going from block to block.

Mental Blocks
Try this challenging puzzle game.

Mazed & Confused
Your coworkers are trying to hurt your productivity! Don't let them drag you down!

Match the colors to earn points

Maze Frenzy 2
Click on the tiny red dot and guide it through the white part of the maze.

Jungle Fruit
Addictive puzzle game with numbered barrels.

a puzzle game playing with pipes

Color Jumper
Jump over one ball or a row of balls of the same color with a ball of different color.

Hit 21 Delux
See The Game

Rumble Ball
Score as many points as you can by hitting coloured items on the play field with a large ball. The ball will roll over small yellow items and bounce off coloured cubes.

Slingo Para-Dice
Slingo Para-Dice Yahtzee

Virus 3 Hex Options
Virus 3 is a truely intriguing game of strategy and skill

Catch green bubbles and avoid purple. Then catch a blue one.

Po Point 2
a game based on speed
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