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Puzzle Games

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Remove all the smiles from the screen.

Red and Blue
Get red and blue balls on each side

Tenchi Muyo - Tenchi Bop!
Whack-A-Mole Style

Crazy Pool 2
Hit balls of the same color together.

Missile Maze
Maneuver a missile through various levels of maze and try to reach the exit without colliding with the obstacles.

NoName Game 1
Can you get the red dot thru the maze?!

Crime Puzzle
Travel around the world collecting the clues to solve the mystery of the stolen stamps.

Help pitchu get to the top of the watertower

Avoid the black squares, capture colored squares, make the combo! When you finish a combo you get awarded a multiplier bonus. For each time you make the combo without touching the wrong kind of color, the multiplier (and score) increases.

Sanghai Mahjong 1
See In The Game.

Jigsaw Puzzle Paradise Island
You have 20 minutes to finish the puzzle. Can you do it the fastest?

Polar Express
Nice little logic clicker. Your task is to work the switches to grab some wagons and finally to get to the tunnel out of the town. .

Pooch blocks
See In The Game.

hain those adorable puyo blobs for combos

Puzzle Express
Travel across the country and load up colorful puzzle pieces into the train.

Put the puzzle together

Somethang Fishy
Pop the bubbles

Connect the hose pipe together and put out the fire.

Multiplication Station
Click on the squares to multipy the numbers so that they equal the value under the word number

Match the colors to earn points
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