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Puzzle Games

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Balloon Park
Balloons Ballons Balloons.

Super Pang
Destroy all the bouncing balls before the time runs out!

Match Up!
Sorta like jewel just you play with a different type of jewerly

NoName Game 1
Can you get the red dot thru the maze?!

Trick or Treat Smash
Line up candies.

Virus 3
Virus 3 is a truely intriguing game of strategy and skill

Lilo + Stich - Kauai Caper
It's Lilos birthday , help Stich solve puzzle to make a great party

Collect the eggs and push them neatly into the nests. 100 levels of pure hair pulling madness.

Obversity - Match the blocks and clear the levels

Jewel Quest
Line up 3 of each item.

Flip and multiply your pieces to take over the computer.

Tiles tiles tiles , match em up

Sorta like Tertis, but with twist!

Get them bugs

Halloween Smash
A popular game with a halloween theme.

BRIII: Andromeda
Move the ball towards the goal! 50 sprawling levels and a final boss to get you started. This is a part one out of two.

Fast Food Fiasco
Superb little puzzle game. Swap fast food until your heart and stomachs content.

Tiny Creatures
A colorful columns-like puzzle game, with funny bonuses and bad tiles, hipnotic music and three different game difficulties.

Flex like a whore, fall wanking to the floor (the trick is you and me).

Orbox B
Move a blinking square through a maze like zone in space and reach the exit in each level to proceed further in the game.
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