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Puzzle Games

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Match Up!
Sorta like jewel just you play with a different type of jewerly

Dodge the lines, collect the stars!

Slingo Tiles Mahjong
Slingo Tiles Mahjong

Slider Puzzle
Move the pieces so that they are in sequence. Try your best to beat the high scores...

A puzzle game where you match 3 or more objects

Maze Builder
Build a path for the monkey so he can get to the other side.

Chinese Checkers
Play Chinese Checkers against 1 to 5 computer oppenents. Try to be the first to get all your marbles to the opposite side of the board.

Crazy Coins
Line up the coins and score big points. Crazy Coins is an addictively fun game where your quick thinking will increase your score each level.

A Qix type game

Drag the vertices of a 2D geometric shape to rearrange them such that no lines cross.

Gold Miner Special Edition
Mine for gold and strike it rich!

Numbles - Search
Think you're good with numbers? Try this!

Happy Pill
Hit the sad faces with the pill to make them happy.

Collect stuff , but you can only move in the bubbles.

use the blue print to construct the building

AOK Find Footy
Find the footy in the grid, you only have 25 moves per round.

Polar Express
Nice little logic clicker. Your task is to work the switches to grab some wagons and finally to get to the tunnel out of the town. .

Monster Mahjong
Affrontez 3 autres concurents dans ce jeu de mahjong

Naive Town
Stack 5 alike blocks to make a building.

Quick Stack
Stack the colors.
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