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Puzzle Games

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Colinks: Shift
Colinks - Shift Version - Shift your pieces to make rows

Magic Gem Multi
Remove the coloured balls before your opponent

Nile Tiles
A mahjong style game with an Egyptian theme.

Can you clear all the blocks!

Mission Match Up
Mahjong stle game. match the tiles.

Rotation Key
Arrange the balls according to the given formation in the least possible moves and achieve the highest score.

Sonic Blox
Sonic themed tetris game

Red and Blue
Get red and blue balls on each side

Fruit Fabriek
a Jewel like game just now your playing with fruit

Mind Your Marbles
Align five or more pieces of the same colour into horizontal, vertical or diagonal rows.

Cannonball Follies 3 - Cold Front
Sam needs some help to make it through the Island maze.

Mahjong XY

Towers of Hanoi
Get all the pieces from the center peg over to another peg moving one piece at a time.

Colinks :Drop
Colinks - Drop Mode - Drop The shapes and get them to match

Force Within
Remove as many of the tiles in sets of 4 in a straight row or column as possible before you run out of room

Blue Tougue
Help the frogs get the butterflys/

Master Checkers
Board Game - Checkers - You Know How To Play!!!

RefleX v1.2
A puzzle game in which you must guide a reflective rocket to its target.

Bubble Bobble The Rival
Bubble Bobble is back !

Click Clack
Click the coloured balls away, before they fill the screen.
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