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Puzzle Games

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Jewel Quest
Line up 3 of each item.

Some Puzzle
a odd addicting puzzle game where you match blocks!

Somethang Fishy
Pop the bubbles

Maze Frenzy
Click on the tiny red dot and guide it through the white part of the maze.

NoName Game 1
Can you get the red dot thru the maze?!

Sorta like Tertis, but with twist!

14 levels of increasing difficulty to send you completely insane.

Shanghi 2
Mah Jongg Shanghi-style.

A triangular puzzler.

Click 4 tiles of the same color and form squares as big as you can. You will erase all the tiles inside the square and collect points.

Jungle Toe
Jungle Style Tic Tac Toe

Apple girl
Put the right items into proper position, watch out the dangerous characters.

Cosmic Switch
Swap the cosmic objects placed in a square grid and try to align three or more identical symbols to make them disappear

12 Swap
Switch the smiley faces around to match them up in rows or columns of three or more

Colinks :Full Game
A match up puzzle game with 3 different options

Puzzle Bowling
Drag puzzle pieces to hit all the pins on the board. 26 levels from easy to very hard! Click and drag groups of puzzle tiles to shift them. Hit the pins with the same colored balls as their platform. Hit the trophy with the black ball at the end of the level. You can drop up to four balls per level.

use the blue print to construct the building

Solo Play
How fast can you clear the table?

Block Down
A tetris style game with a breakout twist

Diamond Mine
Diamond Mine is a fun puzzle game where players earn points by forming rows of 3 or more identical gems.
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