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Puzzle Games

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Tiny Creatures
A colorful columns-like puzzle game, with funny bonuses and bad tiles, hipnotic music and three different game difficulties.

Screen kiss
Use left click to make your choice.

Circus Pop
Pop as many balls as you can.

Find the same colored blocks in four corners and select them. All the blocks within then disappear.

BRIII: Andromeda
Move the ball towards the goal! 50 sprawling levels and a final boss to get you started. This is a part one out of two.

Choron Ka Rraja
Choron Ka Rraja get through the mazes

Fruit Fabriek
a Jewel like game just now your playing with fruit

Blocks 2
Click on contiguous blocks with the same color to remove them, try to clear board.

Money Maze
Collect as much money as you can!

Avoid colorful shapes and stay as long as you can to score maximum points.

Towers of Hanoi
Get all the pieces from the center peg over to another peg moving one piece at a time.

Sorta like Tertis, but with twist!

A triangular puzzler.

Can you get thru all the levels?

Gold Miner Special Edition
Mine for gold and strike it rich!

Pokeball Blitz
A combination of Tetris and Bust A move

Missile Maze
Maneuver a missile through various levels of maze and try to reach the exit without colliding with the obstacles.

Top Banana
A simple but addictive board game.

The Goal is to remove all the squares as quickly as possible.

Puzzle Express
Travel across the country and load up colorful puzzle pieces into the train.
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