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Puzzle Games

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A triangular puzzler.

Fruity Shuffler
Overdose on Vitamin C the fun way. Collect matching fruits, before your hopper overflows.

Pooch blocks
See In The Game.

S.D. Planets
Protect the Planets.

Angel Bobble
Pull the colored balls down from one area and throw them back up to another and make them disappear.

Money Maze
Collect as much money as you can!

James Bomb 2
James Bomb 2 - Maze avoidance game

Speedy Thief
how far can you get thru the levels? - get far as you can without dying our running out of time

Get them bugs

use the blue print to construct the building

Tenchi Muyo - Tenchi Bop!
Whack-A-Mole Style

NoName Game 2
Can you get the red dot thru the maze?!

Meal or No Meal
At for the ultimate meal!

Match Up!
Sorta like jewel just you play with a different type of jewerly

Fruchtiges Spiel und saftiges Puzzle.

Color Reactor 2
Remove all the coloured balls to advance to the next level. The game ends when all turns are used.

Multiplication Station
Click on the squares to multipy the numbers so that they equal the value under the word number

Diamond Mine
Diamond Mine is a fun puzzle game where players earn points by forming rows of 3 or more identical gems.

Prince of Kurukshetra
Prince of Kurukshetra - Navigate the puzzle field

Marble Motion
Clear sets of same color marbles to score points.
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