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Puzzle Games

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Halloween Pumpkins
Pumpkin puzzle, tetris like game.

Anthrax Jelly
Connect the letters to make a word then hit check word.

Code Breaker
Codebreaker - Charlies Angels

Chain Reaction
Start of a reaction!

Solo Play
How fast can you clear the table?

A minute to learn - a lifetime to master!

Happy Pill
Hit the sad faces with the pill to make them happy.

Try to get the blocks in the correct order.

Can you clear all the blocks!

Escape Balmoral - 3D
Help the 3 different people solve the maze!

Maze Game
Can you get the ball to end?

Suna Sudoku
The Sudoku game that provides you a new challenges!

Trick or Treat Smash
Line up candies.

Line up 3 or more gems.

Enter a not very secret Iraqi laboratory and find six weapons-grade plutonium canisters and head for the exit

Towers of Hanoi
Get all the pieces from the center peg over to another peg moving one piece at a time.

A Word Game , make as many words as you can.

Panic Pipes
a puzzle game playing with pipes.

Scratch to Win
Scratch to win 2000

Amazon Quest
This game like Bejeweled wants to lead you on a quest. Turn off the illuminated blocks by making rows of 3 or more equal icons. Watch the time!!
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