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Puzzle Games

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Flip Out
Flip all of the tiles before time runs out.

Collect stuff , but you can only move in the bubbles.

Monster Mahjong
Affrontez 3 autres concurents dans ce jeu de mahjong

Colinks :Full Game
A match up puzzle game with 3 different options

Sanghai Mahjong
See In The Game.

NoName Game 1
Can you get the red dot thru the maze?!

Slingo Tiles Mahjong
Slingo Tiles Mahjong

Yahtzee 23.

Endless Way
go lower stlll !

Rumble Ball
Score as many points as you can by hitting coloured items on the play field with a large ball. The ball will roll over small yellow items and bounce off coloured cubes.

Tiki Island
You are shipwrecked on Tiki Island. Keep the castaways drunk by mixing cocktails with the booze that washes ashore in this puzzle game.

Mission Match Up
Mahjong stle game. match the tiles.

Maze Frenzy
Click on the tiny red dot and guide it through the white part of the maze.

Pooch blocks
See In The Game.

My Leaves
Catch the leaves, dodge the apples!

Meal or No Meal
At for the ultimate meal!

Swap a Smiley
Arrange the smiley faces so that there are 3 or more faces of the same colour in a row

Spider Solitare Two Suit

Drag & Drop
Drags the balls and Drop them

Super Santa
Deliver presents down the chimneys.
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