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Puzzle Games

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Hit all pegs to complete the level. Some require multiple hits

Tree phul phang
See In The Game..

Avoid colorful shapes and stay as long as you can to score maximum points.

Sweet Switch
Switch the Candy!

Blox Deluxe!
See The game

Telescope 2
Have you completed all 15 levels of Telescope 1? Take on levels 16 - 25 for a whole new challenge! You get 5 points for each move until you reach par. After that you get -1 point for each move over par.

Sonic Heros Puzzle
Sorta like tetris

Squiz Extreme
A Puzzle game where you need to form squares.

Harry the Hamster
Help Harry get home.

Tenchi Muyo - Tenchi Bop!
Whack-A-Mole Style

12 Swap - Time
Match as fast as you can

Drop Job
See The Game

Put the puzzle together

Quick Brick Puzzle
Click on the blocks in gorups of 3 or more to gain as much points as you can

Fruchtiges Spiel und saftiges Puzzle.

Money Maze
Collect as much money as you can!

Stack Up
Sorta like Tetris

Somewhere between marbles and shuffleboard lies the concept for this awesome online puzzle game.

Harvest Day
Click on groups of the same fruit.

Shape Shifters
Arrange the pieces to make different shapes throughout this addictive game before time runs out and in least move
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