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Zelda Invaders
Space invaders with Zelda characters.

Planet Gobler
Eat the planets in the correct order.

Gafoor The Gadha
Kick That Shit At The People In The Windows

Mosquito Blaster
Mosquito Blaster

J2O piss
Piss in the bowl, not on the floor or your shoes

Mercury Drops
catch the small drops before they grow!!

Meet Fritz. Your job is to hit him on the head with a hammer, and nail him with the nail gun during the bonus rounds.

Moshing: The headbanging game.

a easter version of astroids

Guide the red comet shaped object around the field and collect the blue circles, avoiding the white obstacles

Bumper Cards
Add cards in each of the four slots until they total 21. Sounds pretty simple right?

Word For Word - Hard
Find the word between the 2 words.

Brighton Bounty Hunter

Zelda Mini Game - Cucca Hunt
Kill the Cuccas

Havoc mountain
See The Game

Oh My Cake
Damn bugs get out of my cake!

Yokeyoke Game Ver 2
Dodge the circles for as long as you can.

Joe the Barbarian
Joe the Barbarian

Xtreme Shell Game - Hard
Xtreme version of the Shell Game.

Xtreme Shell Game - Easy
Xtreme version of the Shell Game.
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