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Other Games

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Purple Pit
Dance the right combo

Muppet Meteors
Pigs in space .............

Chernobil Rabbits
See The Game

The Simpsons - Wrecking Ball
Help Homer save his family from the police by using the first thing at hand - a wrecking ball

Oh My Cake
Damn bugs get out of my cake!

Collect the shoes

Rebound 2
See in the game!.

Planet Gobler
Eat the planets in the correct order.

Tweak the board to get as many Pochle points as you can

Notorious Sassy
Debbie is under attack by the werewolf warrior princess and her minions. Survive as long as you can by slashing minions.

Mega 64
Fast paced action game

Knife Throw 2
The wheel has 20 targets and your objective is to hit them in numeric order using all your twenty knives.

Plupon - Addition Game

Chaos Theory
What does it all mean?

Manic Miner
Miner Willy in his first game.

Chocks Away
Try to escape Fanny's angry dad who is chasing you.

Noodle Fury
This is a nice little game with a very different concept! You've to help the little black and white Pixel Man, living in an entirely red world, to collect as many noodles as possible before the time runs out.

Firework Frenzy
Fireworks are flying over London. Miss one firework and it's game over.

Nuclear Eagle
Feed your babies some humans!

A quick-paced search game where you try to find the letters of the alphabet amongst visual distractions
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