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Other Games

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Whack A Boss
Pissed at the boss give him a good ole whack

Help Mr. Smith and figure out what the Matrix really is

Lemonade Larry
Lemonade Larry Multiplication game for kids (NO SCORING)

Chain Letters
Make Words For Points

Pinapple Remix
Like Press Your Luck and Pinapple!

Monkey KickOff
Kick the ball as far as you can.

Deflect the asteroids from hitting your base

Become a big, fat blob today!

Xs Virtual Insanity
A platform game.

Pest Attack
Kills the rats and spiders!

Tower of Maoi
Help the whatever you want to call them reach the latter..

Trouble On Ice
Pingu from the Yeti series tries his hand at ice skating.

Knife Throw 2
The wheel has 20 targets and your objective is to hit them in numeric order using all your twenty knives.

Leap of Faith
See in game

Prison Throw
Throw the in-mate as far as you can.

A quick-paced search game where you try to find the letters of the alphabet amongst visual distractions

Zerro G Kitties
To win the cook-off, you need rocks from the Moon

Cruisin with crush
find the babies while you swim

Xtreme Cliffdiving
Dive off the cliff and collect coins on the way down

J2O piss
Piss in the bowl, not on the floor or your shoes
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