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Other Games

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Pig Sty Panic
Fix the thangs around the map!

Chaos Theory
What does it all mean?

Mosquito Blaster
Mosquito Blaster

Gafoor The Gadha
Kick That Shit At The People In The Windows

Whack the Stress
Click to the right of the start button to start the game...enter name in the box at the end and press 'Los' to submit scores..

The Haggis Hurl
Hurl your haggis towards the target!

South Park Hippie Drill
Mow down the hippies to get to the stage

The CCL Game
Get your chosen product across the warehouse into system builds.

Whack A Boss
Pissed at the boss give him a good ole whack

Save The Ring
see in game

Guide the red comet shaped object around the field and collect the blue circles, avoiding the white obstacles

Become the 16-Bit Wizard
This is a challenging fun game that will test your knowledge about the popular SNES games. You've a chance to prove to the world that you're the Guru of SNES. There are a whopping 60 questions to test you in this game.

Chuck Norris - Attack of the Massacre Ni
Chuck Norris is back in action!

Escape From Castle Doom
Help the Blue Peter presenters escape from Castle Doom.

Handy work... Just Slap It!

Rebound 2 Shotun (12 Gauge)
See in the game!.

Stans Ski Jumping
Help Stan get over a ski jump and collect enough stars to move to the next round.

Pipe Game
Save the fish in the tank by completing the pipe system before the water runs out

Pluck My Tash
Stop Lawros hairs from growing back

Gladiator Arena
Gladiator Arena
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