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Skip Rock
How far can you skip rocks?

Egyptian Treasures
Archeology is not as peaceful as you would think, at least on our site. Use your mouse and try to pick as many gold treasures as you can.

Mega 64
Fast paced action game

Chocolate Machine
Make chocolate

Grave Yard Panic
use the flash light to dead the ghosts and ghouls

Sylverter Under The Sea
See The Game

The game that takes you under the surface of arcade-style gaming and into the roots of fun, Experience the dangers of Martian soil, complete with hidden gas pockets, earthquakes, and other suprises

Jungle Eggventure
Collect the eggs.

Chicken Fly!
Make the Chicken Fly!

Pig on the Rocket
Try to grab all the fruit and fuel that will be passing you by. Watch out for the bird named Flappy.

Kakato Otoshi
This game is utter cobblers ..

Plupon - Addition Game

OBNOXIOUS - Skills and a steady hand

A qix style game. Eat the screen.

Escape From Castle Doom
Help the Blue Peter presenters escape from Castle Doom.

James the Circus Zebra
Fly through the air across tightropes, trampolines and trapezes as James the Zebra takes to the big top!

Flash Circle TD
See in game

HolmenKollen Ski Jump
How far can you jump ?

Dealer 2
Buy low, sell high. Dealer 2 is basically a graphically spruced up and bug tweaked version of Dealer, which was a flash remake of the 1984 DOS game DrugWars by John Dell.

Knife Throw 2
The wheel has 20 targets and your objective is to hit them in numeric order using all your twenty knives.
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