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Zerro G Kitties
To win the cook-off, you need rocks from the Moon

The aim of the game is to get the eiectron from the start to the goal!

See the game

Help Ned Chav stock up on sovereigns, hes only got 7 and he needs more, so play Chavtirs and add to his collection.

Lemonade Larry
Lemonade Larry Multiplication game for kids (NO SCORING)

Brasil Slingo
Slingo Brasil!

PSSST spray those bugs and let your garden grow.

J2O piss
Piss in the bowl, not on the floor or your shoes

King Kong Jump
Jump the Pringle cans and rescue the girl.

Chopper Chase
How far can you fly the chooper before crashing?

Escape From Castle Doom
Help the Blue Peter presenters escape from Castle Doom.

Pub Quiz
Trivia game.

Stans Ski Jumping
Help Stan get over a ski jump and collect enough stars to move to the next round.

Falldown 2
How much can you score and how far can you get the ball?

Moose Blaster
Blast the mooses?

Grid Game
The objective of the game is to get a chain reaction of tiles as long as possible.

Easter Egg Catch
How many eggs can you get in the basket?

Twisted Nipples
Twist the nipples of the fat guy. You have 60 seconds to twist the nipples as hard as you can.

Ninja - Pirate Cave Raid
Be a Ninja, and kick some good old pirate ass!

Throw the javelin as far as possible.
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