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Other Games

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Nacho Kung-Fu
Help Nacho fill up his do-good-o-meter.

Lemonade Larry
Lemonade Larry Multiplication game for kids (NO SCORING)

see in game

OBNOXIOUS - Skills and a steady hand

Wedgie Toss
Give the criminal a wedgie.

Takeaway Jake
Feed the customers what they want

Pub Quiz
Trivia game.

Yeti Sports 7 - Snowboard Freeride
Guide Yeti down the sloaps and kill some penguins

Puppy Juggling
Help one-armed Juan keep his little puppies in the air, but ooh... mind the chainsaw!!

Office Paintball
Relieve some stress with paintballs. Just point and click your stress away.

Word For Word
Find the word between the 2 words.

Manic Mansion
Help the kids find Mr. Frost

Playing With Fire
Blow up your opponents before they kill you.

Pirate Booty
Shiver me timbers. Theres treasure to be found.

Xmas Boarding
Try to earn your bonus point while you are boarding during the winter.

Gnome Whack
Bash the the evil Garden Gnomes by clicking on them!

Easter Bunny
Hop along like the easter bunny and collect eggs~

Zombiegrinder 60000
Run and blast zombies in a game that is all about speed and twitch reflexes. Heavy metal soundtrack.

Moon Kickup
Kick up on the moon

Lemonade Stand
Sell as much lemonade as you can
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