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Draw shapes around the floats.

Ninja Turtles 2
Kill all the enemies with your ninja stars.

Meteor Strike
Meteor Strike - protect the city as long as you can

Gnome Whack
Bash the the evil Garden Gnomes by clicking on them!

Meteor Jazz
You are Captain Coltrane. Your mission is to save the planet from a seemingly endless meteor shower.

Plastic Balls
Control your paddle to keep the ball from going down the central drain. Clear all the bricks to get to the next levels and make sure you collect all the bonus fruit and power-ups along the way. Tip: mouse control is easier.

Theres brown shite oozing from your computer keyboard. Quick - hit it with a hammer before it turns into scary monsters and kills you!

Hot dog bush
Its dubyas first day on the job and its a bit confusing

Tower of Maoi
Help the whatever you want to call them reach the latter..

X Tiles
See The Game

Spank The Gimp
Use the German Dominatrix to spank the gimp as far as he can go. Too hard and he will complain. Too soft and he will also complain. Get spanking!

HolmenKollen Ski Jump
How far can you jump ?

Pirate Booty
Shiver me timbers. Theres treasure to be found.

Kiss Chase
Keep your phone away from the other phone.

Ocean Cleaning
See The Game

Parrotts Bar
See in the game

Easter Bunny
Hop along like the easter bunny and collect eggs~

Pig Sty Panic
Fix the thangs around the map!

Grave Robber
Theres a crazy grave digger on the loose!!

Zathura - Meteor Storm
Asteroids clone
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