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Sports Games

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Take photos of celebs.

Golf Ace
How many holes in 1 can you gt before the time runs out.

Hot Shot
How many goals can you score in 60 seconds?

Wake Boarding
Do the most extreme moves and score the most points.

Binball Wizard
Get the ball in the bin as quick as you can.

7UP Basket Bots
Play some basketball with 7UP bottles!

Trysil Twintip
Set in the beautiful hillsides of Norway's biggest ski resort, you have access to dozens of jumps, rails and neck-twisting slopes. Rail-to-rail-action or maximum airtime on the spring jumps? It's totally up to you

Everyones Hero
Play some backyard baseball and hit all the targets you aim at

Fly your trusty ROFLcopter and battle hordes of LOLLERskaters and LMAOplanes.

Football Header
Football Header

Little Johns Archery 2
Use arrow to aim the target.

Dribble Worldcup
Another kickup game

Pepsi Jet Ski
Water Ski down the Thames pulled by a Jet.

Cricket Challenge
Cricket Challenge that lets you pit yourself against any other South African provincial team. Howzat!

FisherMan Sam
Harpoon fish but avoid the poison fish and mines!

Pitching Machine
Control your baseball player and try to hit as many balls as you can with the bat to score highest points.

Kanga Kick
Kick the rugby ball in between the two posts and get those needed points.

3D Superball
A 3d keep uppy style game.

Skate Park
Jump over objects, do tricks while in the air and rail slide to score points.

Hairball Bowling
Tenpin bowling with a twist.
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