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Sports Games

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Monster Pool Side Sumo
Sumo on a Pool!

Chairlift Challenge
Throw snowballs from your chairlift to knock skiers over

Surf around avoiding the boxes while getting the coins.

Binball Wizard
Get the ball in the bin as quick as you can.

Pro Quarterback
We control a Quarterback, and must skip the opponents and make touchdown.

Trampoline Trickz 2
Do some crazy tricks on trampoline

Head to Head
Head the ball back and forth to the guy at the top for points

Purple Passion
Kick the pig skin as far as you can

Mini Pool 3
Pocket all the balls before the timer on each one of them counts down to zero.

Skate Boy
See The Game

Surf Adventure
Lilo & Stitch surfing adventure!

Ice Mania
Ice Hockey.

Air Disc
How many goals can you score in 3mins?

Spin Kicker
You have 3 minutes to score as many goals as possible!

Trial Bike 2
Try to reach the end of the way in the shortest time possible, in this second part of "Dirt Bike".

Soccer Challenge
Soccer Challenge is a set of 8 mini games based on the theme of soccer (football).
You control a small blue footballer with the mouse and must accomplish 8 challenges against time.
Your global score is the sum of the 8 scores.
The skills required to enter the highscores or even to become the world champion, are ability, strategy, and quickness.

ING Cricket
Score as many runs as u can in 24 balls

Ski the slope and pick up points.

Cricket Challenge
Cricket Challenge that lets you pit yourself against any other South African provincial team. Howzat!

Zidane Showdown
Zidane needs to practise some moves.
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